Guest Post: Larissa and Podiatry

Hi guys, to give you a break from pancakes I have started my Friendly Factual Fridays Series. If you want to contribute please email me at! Without further ado, I welcome the fabulous Larissa to the floor.


My name is Larissa, and I am currently a second year student studying to be a podiatrist (a foot and ankle surgeon).  Since most of you reading are probably pretty active you might have encountered a podiatrist for a foot injury , but for those of you who don’t know, I am going to tell you all a little bit about podiatry- the best field ever !

Me at my white coat ceremony.


So what does it take to become a podiatrist? A four year undergraduate degree (Rutgers Rah Rah!) in any field, and some prerequisite course such as chemistry, biology, organic chemistry, physics… I happen to be an economics major !  Also an MCAT score is needed to apply.  Then you apply to one of the nine podiatry school which consists of a 4 year curriculum, 2 years of mostly classroom education and 2 years of clinical education.  I am just starting my clinical education and love it so far.

A lot of people ask why I would want to be a podiatrist and look as peoples feet all day long.   I honestly think podiatry was the best fit for me.  I love that in this career you can work with such a wide variety of patients.  Podiatrists play an important role in caring for seniors, athletes, diabetics, and children just to name a few.  You can even take up an area of interest and focus your work on something such as sports medicine.   What I also love about the field is that it is very procedural based, meaning when someone comes in with foot pain, there is often something we can do for them right then to alleviate some of the pain, such as pads for shoes, orthotics,etc ; in addition to long term correction and disease prevention.

Many people do not really know what podiatry is and don’t really considerate it while in college- this defiantly happened to me, and I found out about podiatry my senior year.  I always thought I wanted to be involved in health care somehow, and considered going to medical school, dental school, but when I came across podiatry I knew it was the right fit for me.  While podiatry school is pretty hard, it will defiantly be worth it.  I have already learned so much and made some really great friends.  I feel so lucky that I came across this career, not only do I love being able to help people, but podiatrist generally get to enjoy a great work/ life balance.

I spend most of my time studying however when I am being a “real girl” I enjoy biking, kayaking, baking, swimming, working out, going to the beach and being outdoors.

If you are interested in becoming a podiatrist (!!) or have any questions in general feel free to contact me at .    ** As I am not a doctor yet, I cannot give out medical advice, but would be happy to discuss the career, experience I have had, become friends or anything else not related to podiatry! **

are also some resources if you want to learn more:

Thank Hollie for letting me get the word out about podiatry!

And just a little funny joke: The next time someone asks if you became a podiatrist because you have a foot fetish, ask them if their kid’s pediatrician is pedophile.


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  1. Interesting. Also, not sure I could handle touching other people’s… My Dad can’t bend over enough to cut his toenails, and he isn’t allowed to go in but ONCE every 3!!!! months to get them cut, I try to help out. Yuck! Once every 3 months does not cut it, pun intended. A big Argh! to health care regulations.

    But it’s nice to read that there is a good balance between life & work.

    I just wonder how you went from an economics major to a branch of medicine?! That seems weird to me.

  2. Hahaha I love the bit at the end.
    I think podiatry would be really cool because I’m sure you get to see many runners, and I really want to work with runners in my career. It’s something to consider! I’m seeing a sports podiatrist in a few weeks who works with the philadelphia sports teams and I can’t wait to see what I learn!!

  3. This is cool! I love the idea of factual fridays and I literally knew nothing about podiatry before this post so it was actually kind of really cool…I had no idea people with diabetes had feet problems too!

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