Work that Trash Girl

I’m so in shock that so many people like smaller pancakes.  I’m with everyone who said that they love pancakes that are huge and still gooey in the middle.  YES!  That is seriously what I live for.  No really, gooey pancakes (even though I made them with egg) in my belly are pretty awesome.

Some people use some nice mathematical terms too, such as Emma saying she loved a smaller stack for more surface area and more syrup coverage.  I knew we were twinnies.

Speaking of last night, I’m so happy that Brittany didn’t go home.  You didn’t sign your ticket home girl and you looked the at the photoshoot and you knew it!  I want to be in a photoshoot with just trash and look fab.  They took pictures at a landfill…work that trash girl.

Speaking of America’s Next Top Model,  I was very sad that I was going to have to miss it since I’m flying home next Wednesday but luckily for me-the entire episode is pushed back an hour.  It’s like Tyra knew that I needed to still get my fix on.  Therefore,  you will be seeing Twitter updates from 9-10 next Wednesday How you guys put up with me is beyond me ha.  I am the sole reason they made a mute button for tweets.

I don’t want to shock you guys or anything but today I did not have pancakes [or waffles] for breakfast.  I had eggs.  Overeasy eggs are my favorite besides poached eggs so I made 3 overeasy eggs and ½ cup egg whites with toast.  It comes up to be about the same amount of calories as my waffles and pancakes and keeps me full forever.  By forever, I mean a hot second because I’m always hungry.

During lunch I had to take a test so therefore stopped at Dexter’s and ate my sundried tomato quiche in my room along with a glassnoodle salad.  The glassnoodle salad had shirataki noodles along with fresh vegetables such as tomatoes and sweet peppers.  Since it was the salad of the week (and one of my favorites-I had to get it obviously).


Today I swam roughly 3000 yards.  1000 swim, following by 2X800 pull and then 400IM.  Nice and long and no kick to wear my little legs out for running on Sunday.  I’m on the downward slope for my half and I’m pretty stoked.


I’m glad you guys enjoyed my nail painting from Sunday.  I literally try and paint my nails at least 3 times a week.  For me, it is something I can disconnect from the world (even the interent…I still heart my blogging BFFS though) and just relax.  Last night I painted my fingers sparkly pink beause I’m a princess…clearly.

You can't even tell how pink and Sparkly they are

Question for you:

  1. What do you do that just relaxes you and takes you away from the world?  You time!


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  1. I hate gooey pancakes. In fact once when I was about 9 I had an awfully undercooked pancake that was liquidy in the middle and it was so horrifying that I didn’t eat pancakes for 3 years. I’m not kidding!

    Glassnoodles look too much like hair for me…

    I agree that nail painting is a release. Anything like that that takes concentration and quiet is relaxing to me. 🙂

  2. I forgot to comment yesterday, but I love your blog!
    And I loooooove half baked pancakes < I still manage to stick tiny drives into my schedule.

    Being a math major, you know we need some… ALOT… of time to relax. It's crucial!

  3. I purposely undercook my pancakes because I love them gooey inside! My “me” time is obviously running, but I also love playing the piano when I’m home. I seriously can just sit & play for hours, it’s so relaxing.

  4. I really love to read. I can get away from everyone and everything and just sit in peace and quiet and read. I love getting totally absorbed in a book (or sometimes a magazine!).

    I like small pancakes so I can stack them up and feel like I get more pancake per bite. haha

  5. I love taking hot baths — sometimes I read and sometimes I just like to sit and think about things. Or not think and just relax.

    I am totally a gooey center pancake lover – they taste so good!

  6. I love your eye brows and you look like you should be on ANTM 🙂 I also enjoy your awesome tweets!!!!!! Hahaha 🙂 I may be getting my swim on tomorrow… Woot!

  7. I LOVE GLASS NOODLES. You have no idea, I could eat them all day. Slash I run for me time:) And I watch obnox amounts of Hulu and bake/eat everything in my house <3

  8. I’ve never had eggs overeasy or poached! I think I need to vary my egg styles and see what this is all about.
    I like to relax by running and working out, but other than that baking is my “me” time. It sounds cliche, especially in the healthy living blog community, but it’s true!

  9. I read. I love reading. Or chatting with my best friend. We were talking in her garage the other night, and the next thing we knew it was 6 am. Seriously. Happens all the time. Haha.

  10. first of all. Step away from the computer and take your tempatures! When I saw you had eggs instead of pancakes and waffles Im pretty sure my mouth dropped and thought you were sick haha.

    My favorite thing to do is nap. I LOVE them. they should be built into the day…just like pancakes 🙂

  11. Ah! Thinking about over-easy eggs now!! I need to make some for myself asap!! I actually didn’t get to see ANTM last night! There was a baseball game on in Chicago, so they didn’t play it…boo!

  12. I am right there with you on always being hungry! Seriously, if a breakfast holds me over for two hours I’m lucky.

    Exercising is my favorite way to disconnect for a bit…best therapy ever!

  13. Brittani is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad she did not get sent home 😀

    To de-stress I like to do gentle yoga with deep breaths and some meditation. It’s fantabulous.

  14. Big pancakes all the way. Big waffles are better too.

    I looove pink nailpolish!!

    I read blogs as my escape! I also throw on my earbuds @ the gym and totally zone out. Painting does it for me as well. I am an escaper!

  15. I read when I need “me” time. And take a bath. I also like to get a pedicure. No one can interrupt me, I’m beautifying, and it’s relaxing. Heaven!

  16. omg omg omg! I forgot to say this but I alllllwaaaayyyyss eat my pancakes all doughy in the middle!! I literally pour them onto the griddle, let them cook until they’re just *barely tan enough to flip ’em, and then cook for about 10 seconds…so basically the whole dang thing is dough. omg SO GOOD! ahhh I just had stuffed french toast and a hot chocolate but you know what? I’m going for pancakes now:)

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