Triple Tangent Tuesday and Kale

Perhaps all you thunderstorm lovers can keep me company tomorrow night because it is supposed to thunderstorm all night long.  Aka I will cry all night long unless one of you comes and keeps me company.

This morning, I decided to use more of my Arbonne protein that I received to make a waffle.  I mean who doesn’t love protein waffles?

If you say you don’t, I will personally come over there and we will have a little chatski.  I’m not really that viscous and scary but I’ll try super hard to intimidate you to make you love waffles.

Today I made a classic chocolate raspberry waffle.  I really wanted to get the full appeal of the protein and see how it would cook inside the waffle.  Would it be gritty?  Would I taste the protein?

It did not taste gritty and certainly cooked well inside the waffle.  Arbonne protein certainly holds up just as well as my other protein which is good.  The vanilla is really rich too and I won’t be trying the chocolate because I’m not a chocolate protein fan.  At all.  It made the chocolate more sweet then I normally like, because I enjoy dark chocolate the best but it was still the and makes a pretty waffle.

Lunch today was another quiche.  I’m so original that you are probably jealous of my life but what can I say.

For dinner today, after tweeting that I was going to cook up a mean storm…I did not.  I just wasn’t feeling inspired at all.  I made two more crab cakes (grilled) and sautéed some kale.  They finally had kale at my super market and I literally have never been more excited.  I had to make it right after I bought it.  Which is why I ate dinner at 5pm and wasn’t overzealous with my cooking.

I love kale.


In honor of Triple Tangent Tuesday I will celebrate and tell you some fun facts.

1.       I still don’t wear pants.  Today’s outfit is a plaid shirt with orange cami with Victoria’s Secret Leggings (seriously the brand for leggings is the along with my nine west cow boy boots.

Just preparing for Tyra tomorrow...

2.       I only wanted to show you how versatile my plaid shirt was because I bought if for a white trash party early sophomore year I believe.  Don’t I look oh so trashy…I wish you could see my big hoop earrings bigger than bracelets?

Such a multiuse shirt...

3.       Now I have to think of another fact.   I have big excited life changing news to reveal to you guys sometime soon but I can’t do that now…perhaps for a factual Friday post down the road.  I’ll be my own guest blogger.  Anyways-my third tangent is that I have very exciting news to share with you soon.

Questions for you:
1.       Get on a tangent and tell me something about you.
2.       How do you prepare Kale?


32 responses

  1. Nice protien waffles 🙂
    Hmm tangent about me. I only started swimming when I was 11 because my brother was going to join the swim team and I didn’t want him to be better at me at something. Now I swim and he hasn’t in years!

  2. WHAT?! You are leaving us hanging on life-changing news??? That is unfair 🙁

    I’ve never made kale actually.

  3. There’s a tiny little farmer’s stand near my house in the summer that sells big bags of kale for $1. I think I buy 90% of his kale!
    Can you share THIS Friday? I wanna hear your exciting news!

  4. Ahhh you’re driving me crazy with this “I have something to tell you but I can’t” stuff. I’m so excited to hear!
    I’ll go on a tangent and tell you that I’m planning on getting my personal training certification this summer! I doubt I will actually start training people, but it will just be cool to have the knowledge and maybe people will respect my opinion more 🙂

  5. HAHA love that pic of you from your sophomore year! 😀

    My tangent is that I’ve never had a waffle. Your blog always makes me want them though!! Must. Get. Waffle. Iron.

    KALE CHIPS baby. Actually, I’ve never made them, but I’ve seen them and they look DELISH! 🙂

  6. Chatski haha I seriously love the names you make up!! It makes me smile and now I use all the time hahah so thank you 🙂
    I cannot wait to hear this news!
    As for kale… I put it in boiling soup and it wilts down yummy!

  7. Ah! I still need to try kale! I always forget to buy some when I’m at the grocery store! You’re waffle looks gooood. I love anything raspberry.

  8. Gotta love the cliff hanger tangent! I am currently reading blogs instead of working on piles of homework and research…I’m also give terrible answers when asked for something random about myself, clearly.

  9. No pants? Ow ow! ; ) haha

    Kale is great- run it with olive oil and bake for 10 minutes to make chips. And I still need a waffle maker… Not a machine, literally a person to make my waffles lol

  10. Holls- You know I heart protein waffles! Choc Raspberry sounds dooooope! Um, yeah, my friend sells Arbonne & she said they sell protein & I laughed. That’s pretty sweet that it’s actually good. I’ll have to give it whirl, if I ever break up with my BSN lean dessert or my myofusion side piece LOL

  11. That waffle looks amazing. Yum!

    Tangent info: I’ve got nothing. . . Maybe that my husband is out of town for the next few days, which means I don’t have to really cook & can have toast for dinner if I choose? 🙂

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