Nervous Nelleys and Grumpy Gregs

I am seriously in shock of how many people do not like coffee.  To paint a better picture, Starbucks is expensive (which is awesome for me seeing as there aren’t any close) but I don’t drink coffee for the caffeine.  I’m in love with the deep rich flavor of coffee almost as much as pancakes, which is why I don’t like lattes or cappuccinos as much as just dark roasted coffee.  I brew my own coffee every single day and drink it from 7:00am to 7:00pm and sleep at 10:00pm. Like I said-I don’t drink it for the caffeine and I’m 95% sure my body has become immune to it.


But on a different note-This morning after tweeting of what sort of pancakes to make, I settled on pumpkin.  I mean who doesn’t love a big ole serving of pumpkin pancakes?  Especially after a hard workout.  I cross trained on the Arctrainer and actually had my best workout to date this year.


Pumpkin Pancakes with greek yogurt always



1 hour alternating between 35/55 resistance and 5-6% incline.  At least that is what the Arc told me and he would never serve me wrong.

Then it was off for my big education certification exam.  This was essentially an exam on everything I have learned in my general education requirements and I knew the three years I have been at college have prepared me but I was still kind of wigging out.  Why, I really don’t know.

I'm a nervous Nelley

There were so many rules for this test: no cell phones, no pens, no mechanical pencils, no hats, and the biggest one No beverages!  NOT EVEN WATER.  How am I going to cheat with water and coffee.  I never go without either to class.  I think I was a little more worried that I would be kicked out from the test for having something that wasn’t allowed then the actual test.

Goodbye beverages 🙁

Then after my test which took a year to finish (don’t worry I’m pretty sure I did well), Julie, Justin and I went to a restaurant called Scoops.  We actually walked the two miles there which was enjoyable-more enjoyable then the actual meal. It was a gorgeous day here in upstate NY (for once).  If you aren’t ready for a rant please feel free to skip this part.

When we got there, it was a little bit crowded which was fine, I mean we can wait.  After being seated, Julie asked if the chicken for the salad was warm or cold and we were assured that it was warmed (she hates cold chicken).  After waiting an hour and a half (yes 1.5 hours, without ever being served our bread or silverware) we got our salads.  Salads.  Does it take an hour and a half to make a salad? Especially since the chicken was not warm so clearly it was refrigerated and clearly it took a solid minute to prepare.  I would have complained but the waitress NEVER came back.

Oh and the best part of the evening was the Julie found nuts in her salad which a ceaser salad does not have (but mine did).  Julie is allergic to nuts.

At least the salad was decent...

I will not be going back.  My general opinion of restaurants is obviously that not every single visit somewhere is going to be perfect, but I expect it to be decent and this was not.  From the actual meal to the service was not okay.  So if you ever come visit me at school-I won’t take you there.

Yeah so when my blood sugar is low-I’m not too happy of a camper.


Question for you:

1.       Do you test well?

I do, but it is like everything in my life I always get nervous for them.

2.        How do you feel about restaurants, service ect?


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  1. Pumpkin pancakes….yum! Glad you got through the certification exam (I’m sure you did very well)…the no water thing is hilarious! There were a few profs at my school that wouldn’t allow water either…claimed you could write stuff on the inside of the bottle or cap. Insane. Scoops sounds like an amazing place! What horrible service…did they even come back with the bill? Sorry to Julie about the nuts…glad she noticed! That could have been bad…

  2. I am horrible when it comes to testing! No matter how much I study I’m just not a good test taker 🙁 Those pumpkin pancakes are amazing! Come make me your famous pancakes and waffles pleaseeeeee 😀

  3. I test well IF I am well prepared. I have no problems taking tests though which I am thankful for.

    If I had been in your situation with this restaurant I would have asked someone to see a manager. The one time I waited a long time a restaurant me and the people I was with didn’t even notice how long we had been waiting until the manager came out and said our food would be on the house. That place got brownie points from us and we have gone back since. But anyways, if a place is busy and there is a wait it’s understandable but still the waitress should still stop by the table to check on things during the wait and after the food is delivered. I wouldn’t go back either.

  4. For my exams I am not allowed to bring water either! And they are so strict that our proctors have to escort us to the toilet to make sure that we are not cheating… So much trouble for exams

    I am a pretty decent test taker. I get nervous but it doesn’t really hinder my performance.

    I hate bad service! I turn into a serious b**ch if I am starving and your service sucks. Haha ok not really but I get a little whiny…

  5. Boo to that! That’s super lame. You should have complained to management.

    I get REALLY nervous when I take tests. So much so that I get an upset stomach. I can just imagine what’s going to happen when I take my board exam…

  6. WOW, that sucks about the restaurant! I mean, having to wait is one thing, but serving nuts on a salad that normally does not have them, that’s something a lot of people are allergic to. Normally restaurants describe foods on the menu if it’s something unique or different but a CAESAR SALAD is pretty run of the mill and to make it different and not say so, especially with an allergin, is really not cool.

    Tests are not fun… sounds like yours went okay though besides the rules. I’m glad that I don’t have tests in the workforce. Now I just… work. And have beverages all day. I mean coffee and water beverages :). And rich dark coffees ARE really good- I started out mostly liking starbucks and lattes and mochas and stuff but now I’ve really started to just like coffee itself and make it on my own :).


  7. I hate bad service! I feel like when one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong. Even if the food isn’t great, they should at least get it out fast to avoid the grumpiness caused by hanger!

    I bet you did awesome on that test. I test well, but I stress out like crazy beforehand. I feel bad for my family and friends who have to deal with it.

  8. what a stinky restaurant visit! I hate those!
    I bet you did awesome on your test!!
    I also take water with me EVERYWHERE! so this would have been a problem haha

  9. true story: i’m kind of addicted to chapstick and I went to an exam once where you had to empty your pockets of EVERYTHING. including chapstick. so I went to the bathroom first and hid it in my bra. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

    hope you rocked your test! i’m sure you did! 😀

  10. I am very much the same way with coffee. I drink it in the morning, but wouldn’t have any withdrawals if i didn’t and am just as “peppy” – then i drink it throughout the day (but decaf, just in case). I love the bitter sweetness more than the caffeine. So i totally get ya haha

  11. Hey Hollie! If you still are needing some people to write up some blurbs or if this sounds interesting to you I would def do one! I am a second year podiatry student. I am done school on Friday ( for a short short break!) but could def write some thing up about it if you want, just let me know!


  12. Oh gosh, the strictest test ever is the CA Bar exam. It is a 3-day test, from 9:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day. NO food, gum or water in the test room. I had to get up every hour to go outside and shove food and water down my throat because I eat constantly. It was rough.

  13. Too bad about the restaurant! I don’t mind waiting for a table or even for the food as long as the service is good and as long as the server communicates about what is going on! 1.5 hours is too long. Yikes.

    I do really well on essay tests but I’m not so good at multiple choice/true-false tests because I tend to overthink things and end up wanting to choose more than 1 answer.

  14. I don’t test well .. at all. I was scared during the SAT’s to being in something ‘illegal’ LOL.
    Ugh, so sorry about your restaurant experience 🙁 I hate when stuff like that happens.. you shoulda told the manager !

  15. Wow! That is really horrible. I can’t believe there were nuts in a Ceasar salad..what the heck?! Julie probably orders them KNOWING that there are NOT nuts in there…since she can’t eat them. Thank goodness she saw them..otherwise it could of been a REALLY REALLY bad dining experience.

  16. i’m a new reader but laughed out loud about the coffee comment- i LOVE coffee. Not for the caffeine but for the taste, the smell, the atmosphere, everything about it-im an addict 🙂

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