Feta Cheese and Starbucks

Fun Fact of Friday: I actually am not a fan of American Eagle jeans at all. They don’t fit me right-that or Hollister brand either.  So I went against the grain of most of ya.  Let me tell you about the Hollister pair, I have sitting at home-they are a “ripped skinny jeans” style I have are literally too loose in the waist, perfect in my thighs and then so tight in my calves it takes about 10 minutes to put them on.  So strange and AE jeans are just not cut for me.

I don’t want to get your hopes or anything but I was a real girl two days in a row. The last time I wore two pairs of DIFFERENT jeans two days in a row…um maybe last summer but I’m not entirely sure.  Maybe in high school.   I like to live my life in leggings and one day I will have to grow out of that but I still have another year of college at least.

(def Real Girl-noun-wearing clothing other than leggings or yoga pants and also taking a shower.  Looking presentable to society.)


To go along with more Factual Friday things, which if you want to submit something please email me [].  If you have no clue what I’m talking about click here.  To clarify-anything you find inspiring or important in your life qualifies, and I would love for each and every one of you to be featured because I love reading about ya.  I would like to get the ball rolling next Friday so the sooner the better!  🙂


Today Kelsey and I went to a lovely restaurant in my town, First Crush, that I had never actually been too.  Can you seriously believe that there is a restaurant in my tiny town that I haven’t been too?  It’s similar to a coffee shop and they have a lot of vegan options along with a multitude of fish and salads.

I actually got a salad today because I have been having a strange craving for salads (bleu cheese).  We split a chocolate fondue but sadly my camera died for that portion.  Never fear-we are going to become regulars here too and go back on Wednesday.

I love me some feta cheese with cranberries and spinach

Plus I just found out they serve Starbucks coffee. That is the closest place within 60 miles of me.  Right near campus-how lucky and how could I not have known in the last three years I have gone to school here.

I may have gotten another cup to go...


I may or may not have mentioned but Kelsey is a member of my swim team and we have swam distance together for two lovely years now. You could say we were kind of the core of the distance squad.  Of course during grueling practices, you are going to become close with someone.  I have been the closest with Kelsey for the longest out of anyone at school so it’s nice to just hang out.  She is kind of like my twinnie and doesn’t feel it necessary to go out all day every day.  Or actually really at all.

Here are some random photos:

We love the mile at championships (last year)

I clearily take attractive photos underwater in Puerto Rico

We are seat buddies to the max on bus rides.

& 99% of the time we only go out to parties with each other.

So that is how Kelsey and I roll.


Questions for you:
1.       Starbucks YAY or NAY?
I like plain coffee from starbucks, I’m actually not a big latte, cappuccino, or all that jazz fan but I do love the intense flavor of starbucks.
2.       Talk to me about your BFFS.


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  1. I’m not much of a coffee person but I do love starbucks. I love the pictures! haha underwater photos are the! 🙂 I have never swam the mile in a race and do not plan on it.

  2. I love feta, spinach and dried cranberry salads, the BEST!

    I don’t drink coffee, so I’ve never really been to Starbucks!

  3. Starbucks is good, but I get their treats more than their coffee. Hahah.

    My BFF’s are all in college! I made a mistake of becoming friends with people who were older than me so now I am like the biggest loner in school.

  4. I haven’t had much Starbucks coffee cause I love my Green Mountain Coffee! I love how quickly and easily people make friends when they’re on teams or work together because they’re around each other ALL the time. At the summer camp I work at, our staff are all BFFs by the end of staff week because we live, eat, and do everything together.

  5. I hate AE and Hollister jeans too. I don’t wear jeans very often because I can’t find any that fit… grr

    I am not a coffee drinker so NAY to S-bucks for me

    My bestie is a beastly IM-er! Love her to deathhh

  6. I’m the lame-o who’s best friend is truly my boyfriend. Yes, he is the best partner and listener for all girly activities included. I could and do spend 24 hours with him ever day foreverrrrr.

    I’m not a coffee girl, luckily for my wallet. I can’t do caffiene. I have enough natural anxiety, so the extra jitters make me…just…an ugly sight

  7. Im not a huge fan of coffee. I know I know. Ithink I have to like it to be a blogger-its on everyones blogs! haha
    I have a wide range of BFFs. Some from highschool, college, work, and swimming/sports. I do different things, and talka bout different things with each. It actually keeps me balance. I wish I had two of me so I could be in multiple places at once haha

  8. I was a real girl today too! I actually went out. When does that ever happen.
    Starbucks = yay. I think their coffee is just okay, but I really like the lattes. I also like their petite vanilla scones. I’ve never been able to recreate them just right, which is a maayjuh disappointment.

  9. I am not a fan of plain coffee at Starbucks because of how strong it is, but I will drink their lattes on occasion. I’m more of a tea drinker, and since that’s so easy to make at home, that’s usually what I do!

  10. I don’t like the regular but only the lattes or cappaccunios. But I love adding coffee flavor to stuff! Boo on no fondue pics!

  11. I HATE american eagle jeans too! they never fit me right, even though they have a zillion styles (hollister on the other hand rocks my pants off!) Anyway do they not have a starbys near you? I thought all college campuses did! Oohh but that salad and little coffee shop/cafe sound Soooo good and too cute:) I love discovering fun new places like that!

  12. So, I used to LOVE AE jeans- they fit me perfectly, but then they went & changed how the cut them. So now they just don’t work. I usually have to get a zero, but long, and wear heels with them..because the ‘reguarl’ cut ones fit way short..and I’m short- lol! I actually find that Old Navy jeans fit me well- I was surprised. I just picked up a pair of the skinny ones- the style is ‘diva’- you should see if they fit right for you too..then we could be jean twins 🙂

  13. Yay for starbucks!! Yummmies 🙂 I don’t like their regular coffee though, you have strong/brave taste buds 😉
    I love the underwater pictures <3333

  14. i LOVEEEE coffee! I dont like starbucks tho- their coffee is STRONG! I loveee dunkin doughnuts tho!!! love those cute pics of you and your friend!

  15. I used to dislike AE jeans too but I have finally found a style that I like. I wear the favorite boyfriend jeans they have. I used to love Old Navy jeans back in the day but they changed their style and I never loved them again. Crazy how everyone finds different brands of jeans that work for them.

    Starbucks is a definite yay for me! I don’t drink coffee though. At Starbucks I get either hot chocolate, or their signature hot chocolate, or vanilla bean frappichinos. Another coffee place I go to is Biggby Coffee which so far I’ve only ever had their double dark hot chocolate. Now that it’s warming up I’ll be looking to find something like Starbuck’s vanilla bean frappichino at Biggby.

  16. def Real Girl-noun-wearing clothing other than leggings or yoga pants and also taking a shower. Looking presentable to society.)

    ———–Too funny.

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