Breaking News. I.have.a.favorite.pancake.

Okay wow, hello my friends. These last couple of days coupled with the grimey weather have not been okay in my life. My legs have hurt, I’ve had too much school work and not been in a really good mood. I’m not depressed I swear, I’m just having some. I shall probably enlighten you sometime later in the month. I’m doing fine physically and so is everyone in my life so it’s not health problems don’t worry.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who has heart attacks on the treadmill.  Seriously-I don’t know how people go all out on those things.  The day I go under 8 minutes is the day I will award myself with 1000 pancakes and ice-cream to the max.


Sorry to be a mysterious Martha. Eh hem lets move on to the last few days.

When I study I eat… A lot of pancakes. I hide in the bunker of my room and lock myself with pounds and pounds of pancakes and waffles. I can eat them if I study…it works for me and you should try it.

Meet my two favorite types of sweet pancakes, please don’t judge me because I finally chose some.

The runner up goes to pumpkin. You are always looking fine, pumpkin and have that deep orange and natural glow that some of us only dream of…

No really pancakes and calculus...what more could you want in life?

And the winner…

Dark chocolate with orange zest..go figure since I did say it was my favorite type of chocolate. I don’t remember if I ever posted the recipe (actually I know I did, I just can’t find it.) But the beautiful deep chocolate with a nice aftertaste of orange melts in my mouth everytime.

Ingredients and such:

½ cup flour
1 egg
½ tsp baking powder
¼ cup dark cocoa powder
¼ cup grated orange zest
¼ cup orange juice
About ¼ cup water but change to your consistency
And of course sweetener to your liking-I like to add 1 truvia but you know that’s me and I like the bitterness.

Pictures don’t give these baby girls justice (I mean in reality they look like burnt pancakes…). They are fabulous and why I have deemed them the pancake of the month award which means I’m aloud to eat them for every meal if I chose too and you can’t judge me. So there.

But to amuse you-I do eat other breakfast foods throughout the week.

Spinach and Bacon Waffle

Quiche and Sushi Salad

Berry Smoothie

6 ounces greek yogurt
1/ 2 cup cherries, raspberries, and strawberries
1 scoop protein powder
into the magic bullet for the win.  (+1000 tablespoons sprinkles…).

Anywho today was less busy thank goodness. A big time Syracuse Math professor drove all the way up to come give a lecture to the high scholars in the math class that I observe. So I went. It was pretty interesting if I do say so myself and I learned about integrals and derivatives that I learned calc classes ago.

On the working out front, I took the last couple of days off from running because my legs have been feeling like jelloooo (with four o’s obviously). What a great move because today I had an awesomesauce run. As I posted on my dailymile account, “Today my legs told me to run quickly.” I ran my typical 7 mile loop around town and it even stopped hailing for the hour I was out. Listening to your body is always good.


Questions for you:
1. What is your favorite chocolate combination?
2. Do you have a set schedule for speed workouts, or do them when your legs are feeling the


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  1. DROOL your pancakes look AMAZING!! Dark chocolate orange?! You are a GENIUS!! My fave is chocolate+PB- best combo EVER! 😀

    I usually plan my speed workouts, and cos I get all excited for them, I usually feel awesome!! But if I don’t, I just switch it up no problemo 🙂

    Yeah, and KILLLER RUN you speedster!!!!

  2. I did speedy 800m’s today, but it was on the tread and for some reason I am so much slower on the tread too. I was dying basically and hating how slow I was going. Once the rain stops I am outside again, errday. Raspberries and almond extract/chopped almonds are my FAVE, also cranberry with orange zest is beYOND good!

  3. Chocolate with caramel, my fave combo. I am picky, I don’t like any fruit or nuts with my chocolate, but I would be willing to try orange at least once. Ok the exception to nuts is a smooth creamy peanut butter, but no actual nuts.

    Glad you listened to your legs Hollie!

    Unfortunately I haven’t taken the waffle maker I bought around Christmastime out of the box yet. 🙁

  4. I feel ya girl, I’m having one of those weeks too (4 exams in 2 weeks, boo). I think I run faster outside than when I do treadmill speed workouts. I try to do a planned speed workout once a week, but some days I just need to run fast and hard.
    I was so stressed all day, so as soon as I was free, I ran a fast (for me) and hard 4 miles. Felt so good!
    ps: dark chocolate + coffee

  5. You are the pancake/waffle queen! Lol I love how your posts are always displaying your fabulous pancake making skills 😀 Chocolate pancakes for the win 😛

  6. Can you come to my house and make me pancakes? Okay. Thanks.

    I love chocolate with peanut butter. And I do whatever workout I feel like normally. I try to switch it up though.

  7. My week has been stanky too. I think it’s an epidemic. I will get really good news and then really bad news and my day just isn’t the same. I’m trying to get out of this funk!
    Dark Chocolate Orange Pancakes = yesyesyes. I am obsessed with this combo! It’s probably tied with chocolate cherry though. My runner up pancake is banana, because it has a song about it and it is the breakfast of my childhood.

  8. Love choc + PB and choc + strawberry. I’m not a big fan of choc + orange, it makes me think of those chocolate oranges that look like actual orange slices — know what I mean? I think I ate too many of those as a kid and can no longer stand choc + orange!

  9. Dark chocolate and PB – my all time fav. I go weak at the knees for this stuff 🙂

    I think I should be rewarding myself for doing homework as well… write a paper – eat some pancakes. perfect plan!

    My coach gives me set track workouts for all of my speed stuff. Except for last week he told me we were doing an EASY 6 and 2 miles in he decided to throw in 6 x 1:00 sprints 🙂

  10. I just get on the treadmill and start running and let the workout develop as I got depending how I feel… I love tempo work!

    Glad you decided on a fav pancake, although I think butterscotch should be involved. I’m not surprised though either since you mentioned you like then orange chocolate. Now, that’s pretty British, isnt it? I see it here in America, but it was much more common over there. Man, I used to love those Kinder Surprises! And REAL Mars Bars!

    Have an amazingsauce Thursday Hollie!

  11. Yuup, listening to your body is the key! Miss fast runner girl 🙂 WOOO!
    I love chocolate + orange and chocolate + cherry
    Yum. 🙂

  12. Fave chocolate combo is either chocolate and mint or the classic, chocolate and peanut butter.

    I usually have a plan for when I do speedwork and then adjust the time/distance depending on how my legs feel that particular day.

  13. Chocolate and peanut butter is always good…chocolate and caramel is good too….oh and i love chocolate covered strawberries…aren’t the combos including chocolate kind of endless?

    I don’t do speed work outs just because I’m not a committed runner…yet. I will make myself one some day…soon….I hope 😉

  14. If that’s your new fave pancake it may be mine t oo 😉

    Kudos for you for sitting through a math class, I’d ralph. That’s how much I love math. Mmmgurl it’s my fave. Except not.

    I love me some chocolate covered strawberries!

  15. For speed, I go with what I’m feeling. Some days just aren’t working. I bet the orange zest makes a huge difference for the recipe! I am not gourmet enough to experiment so

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