Pizza, Pancakes and Working Out

Wow-where this weekend went is beyond me. Last night, I got a migraine and layed in bed watching movies and whatever else from 6:30 pm until 8am.  It was fabulous but I’m still some what tired.  So strange.

If you have been one of my blogging BFFS for over a month, you know where my favorite restaurant around school is.  Foxy Roxys (the diner with humungous and best pancakes ever.), Which is where I went this morning, because I clearly need fuel for a 9 mile run today.

But the best pancakes are the ones you don't have to cook!

My little ladies were so cute and they raved about how much they had missed me the last month or so.  I missed them a lot too and I’m actually not sure why I hadn’t been there at all during March.

My run was 9 miles at about an 8 minute pace.  I’m building up my base again, so I’ll take any injury free miles.  I’m not too worried that it wasn’t as fast as I would have liked.

For dinner (because I bypassed lunch), I made pizza.  Homemade pizza that is.  I seriously had the biggest fear that it would be hard concept to master but blogging BFFS it is the legit easiest thing I have ever made by myself.  (minus pancakes obviously)

This is just kind of my recipe but it is still in the process of additions/subtractions so ideas are always welcome:

2 cups flour
½ cup water
Knead the dough and put into some sort of baking dish.  I used a Pyrex because I don’t own any pizza pans (YET).
Add pizza sauce and cheese
Add your variety of toppings today was asparagus, olives and mushrooms because those were the vegetables I could find in my house.

Sheet Pizza Yes

And cook on 450 degrees for 15 minutes until the dough turns golden bornw and the cheese melts.


I will be making this a lot more.


A week in review:

Well on the nonworking out aspect, I had 4 tests last week which was kind of a pain and it kept me super busy.  I’m actually surprised I was able to get everything in that I wanted but I obviously cannot complain.

Speaking of my training, here is a run down of last week:

Running: 36 miles
Swimming: 2 hours
Arctrainer: 4.5 hours

My goal was too replace 30 minutes of Arc with 3 miles of running which I did.  I was also to swim 3000 yards twice this week which I also did.  I cut down in total 2.5 hours of Arctrainer this week so I’m pleased with that.  That might sound strange-but going from Arctrainering to running involves a lot more cutting of cross training.

I’m really proud of this workout week.

Next week, I plan to switch my miles around a little bit and make my longer run longer and shorten down a midweek run.  It seems reasonable and not too much pressure.   So in short my goals for next week are

Running: Between 35-40 miles
Swimming: 2-3 hours
Arctrainer: 2-4 hours  (I want this to go down to about 2 hours a week when my running hits it’s peak).


Questions for you:
1.       What is on your radar next week?

On the nonworking out end, I have a big education test called the LAST next Saturday so wish me luck. I can’t become a certified teacher in NY state without passing that test so it’s rather important. I’ll also be rather busy since I’m going to the high school 3 times next week. I have to go cheer on my students participating in the Mathelites competition on Tuesday. Wish their little smarty pants good luck. 🙂 But all of that is better than studying for a mass amount of tests.

2.       Ever made homemade pizza?


36 responses

  1. oh pleeeease, 8 min/mile is super for a longer run, especially if you’re just getting back into the swing of it!

    On my radar this week: make shinsplints and hamstring issues die, take car into the shop which for some reason won’t start, eat all the billions of yummy things I bought at Costco, sleep enough, and read blogs. the end.

  2. Pancakes are the BEST!! I had some today (obviously, cos it’s Pancake Sunday!) and man they are just AWESOME!! This place of yours sounds AMAZING and it’s now on my bucket list to go! 😛

    I’m going to GERMANY for 4 days this week!! Wooooop! 😀

    And GOOD LUCK for your test!! You’ll ace it you smart chica 🙂

  3. It’s smart that you aren’t going all out on your runs. Give it time and I’m sure you’ll be speeding.

    I make homemade pizza all the time so I can load it with veggies. Nom nom nom.

  4. Your long run pace was awesome… I wish I could do that even for a short run pace (although I am getting close). Sounds like you’ve been doing a good job getting back into running, especially if you’re running 9 miles at that pace!

    The pizza looks delish too, from how you described I bet I could make it so I might have to :).

  5. Ha 8 minute miles is fast! I’d love to be able to do that for a short run, let alone 9 miles.
    The pizza looks great! I’ve made homemade pizza and actually made it into pizza pinwheels instead of one big one. 🙂

  6. I am glad to read that you are taking it easy on the runs 🙂 You will be speedy in no time!

    I have never had homemade pizza. But I might give your recipe a shot!

  7. More RUNNING is on my radar! I am so glad that it is finally warm around here, I am praising the sweet baby jesus and his friend the Mother of Nature for giving us sunshine

  8. I’m so impressed that you worked out that much, blogged, and studied for 4 exams! I need to learn your time management skills.
    I made homemade pizza on spring break, and it was much easy than I expected.

  9. Your run was awesome for getting back from an injury. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Though it does suck when you have to run slower than you want to.
    This week I’ve got a psyche party, two races, and a huge presentation in English class. Not sure if I’m excited for the week or not.

  10. Homemade pizza is so much fun to make! I made it a few weeks back for my first time and I was also afraid it was gonna be a flop but it turned out so good. It’s perfect for spring…or anytime really! 🙂

    Good luck on your test! On my radar? More running for sure especially since the weather is perkin’ up!

  11. YUM YUM YUM. I thought of you on my long run today and how you should come to Pittsburgh and run with my running group. Obviously it would be just the two of us chatting away, but still.

    Me and Mike make Homemade French Bread Pizza as much as we can. Basically you take a loaf of garlic bread, spread some sauce and cheese on it and wa’la. It is the most delicious thing ever and super easy. We easily finish the entire loaf by ourselves. And no, I did not just say that!

  12. no yeast even in the pizza!! soooo easy! I’ve missed your blog the last week (similar to how those little old pancake flippin’ ladies must’ve felt!) so I’m glad to be back from vaccay and back in the blogging world! congrats on the injury free 9-miler! great progress if I do say so myself:)

  13. I’ve never made home made pizza before but it’s definitely on my to do list 😉 I am loving that olive touch, yummy! 😀

  14. Nice pizza! My goals is to stop going back to bed on weekends and instead get up and go to the gym in the morning! And my parents come this week!

  15. The pizza looks delish! I haven’t made one from scratch-scratch before. I have bought gluten free pizza mix and added the water and it was super yummy. What I liked about it was the italian spices in it, so you may want to experiement with different spices in the dough.
    I’m glad your training is going well! Good luck on your big exam!!

  16. wow that pancake looks AMAZING! i love it- to reply to your wonderful comment on my blog i’d be humbled to have you discuss swimming balance and running all in one amazing post! you’re so great girl! i can’t wait to read it when you’re finished! would you like me to guest post as well? anything you’d like me to write about?! xo

  17. Sounds like a great run to meeeee!!! I have a hard time staying in the 8 minute mile range for long I think it’s pretty darn impressive! Good luck with your school work! My goal for the week is to get some serious running mileage in!

  18. i never made actual homemade pizza crust. i usually just buy them at the store. i could totally handle two ingredients those. thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Lol I can’t even swim so I’m pretty sure if I raced I would just drown from the start. Okay not really but I would doggy paddle then get tired about half way down the lane. 🙂 It takes a lot of work to swim!! PROPS to you!!! That’s probably why I’m a runner, because I’m not very good at anything else. I’m just decent at running though.

  20. Dang Hollie, that pizza looks awesome!! You are quite the cook 😉
    And I love the little ladies that are at the diner with you- that is just too cute! I hope you are feeling better with those migraines- & I hope that all of the studying is going well! Are you almost out?

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