Savory Waffles and Rest Days

Hello and happy second day of April to you. Today was my rest day so it essentially became my do nothing productive with my life day.

I swear I’m not deleting my blog and just writing guest blogs but I wrote another one for Emily.  It is essentially my journey of how I became both a college runner and swimmer and if you need some nonacademic reading to take up more time in your life-hop on over.  Emily’s blog is the to begin with so you might as well stay there a while and read it up.


This morning, I made savory waffles.  These are some of my favorite waffles (which may shock you) but adding spinach and bacon into a waffle is genius.  I topped mine was Greek yogurt and a little bit of syrup but hummus is also a delicious option.

All my favorite things combined.

But hummus is amazing as well

Battle of the waffles.

Hummus waffle admit defeat

Um what else did I do today on my rest day-absolutely nothing.  That is how I roll-I wish I could say I even got some homework done but that would be a dirty lie.

I did, however, go out to eat to the Lobster House.  I decided to try something new versus my stuffed flounder or lobster tail and tried the bass.  I don’t know if you can really tell but there was SOO much bass that came with this meal.  It was only $15 (and most meals there are between 15-25) so I figured it would be a nice light meal.  No.  It was huge.


This was also an extremely proud moment for me because yet another food I have ketchup with.  Giving up ketchup for lent has been challenging but not as hard as I would have thought.

Because I'm obsessed with crumbly blue cheese salads


Well blogging BFFS last night was a late night for this grandma, so tonight I’m going to head to bed real early tonight.

I know Tyra would be proud of my glasses.

Question for you:
1.       Age old battle-sweet versus savory?
2.       What is your favorite type of seafood?


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  1. Sweet. I don’t love “sweets” exactly, but I love sweet things. I’ve always wanted to try a savory waffle. I’ve done the pancakes, but the shape of waffles will make it that much more fun.
    I wish I did nothing on rest days, but usually I end up doing all my school work since Sunday is also procrastinator catch up day.

  2. I do not like seafood. Sometimes clam chowder is okay but that is IT. 🙂

    I prefer sweet over savory most of the time. That said, I’m not a fan of candy or chocolate so much, but I love sweet fruits and honey and waffles and oatmeal and you get the idea

  3. Sweet is the big winner for sure. I’m not into the whole savory oats thing. Give me the chocolate and pb please 🙂

  4. Hmmm favorite seafood…salmon or shrimp I think. Hard to say, depends on where I’m getting it from yano?

    I guess I would have to go with sweet because I don’t think I’ve ever had savory waffles or pancakes.

  5. Sweet and SCALLOPS I LOVE.

    I haven’t run since Tuesday. Eff my life. I’m hoping my training isn’t all sorts of messed up because I missed two runs but meh. I’m doing 12 tomorrow. Fingers crossed I didn’t lose everything.

  6. Sweet.

    And I love my dads Cedar Plank salmon. I’ll make it for you when I come visit. It’s the bomb. I’ve never been to Red Lobster- but I hear their cheddar biscuits are amazing…. true?
    And I don’t know how you do it without ketchup… I’m trying to cut back but it’s so hard! Haha

  7. That’s a HUGE piece of fish! I love love love seafood, it’s probably the reason I could never be a full vegetarian. I went out to dinner with my boyfriend’s family last night, and all but one of us got a seafood meal. My favorite is probably salmon and clam chowder in a bread bowl.

  8. Rest days are the BEST. I eat liek it is my J-O-B. Slash I would loveee to go to a restaurant and get that much food – I would go gaga over that much hummus!!

  9. I’m definitely going to have to choose sweet over savory! I have a raging sweet tooth! Every once in a while, I will choose savory though. Those waffles look amazing! 🙂

  10. I would have to go with sweet when it comes to breakfast! Something about waking up to sweet, baked good type flavors in the morning makes me HAPPY! 🙂 But I have to admit those waffles look delcious…even the one with hummus on top!

  11. Oh and my fave seafood is almost impossible to pick because I have literally never tried a type of seafood I don’t like! A few of my faves are: salmon, sea bass, red snapper, shrimp, and tuna!

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