Because Taking Photoshoots with Protein Powder is Okay

Happy April!  I’m not really big into the April fools jive, but you are that is awesome too.   Before you read my blog, go read Ashley’s Blog because I wrote a guest blog about more minerals!  Go show her some love and stalk it like I do.  🙂

Oh and in response to your question about Homecoming Queen in high school.  No I was not homecoming Queen, I lost that vote by 7 (out of 3000 votes-when I was materialistic and all that jazz I was sad but now I have bigger and better things to worry about…).  I was on Homecoming Court though and D’Angelo is my BFF best escort ever.

I found a photo from my natural days.

I had to wake up extra early today because I had an advising meeting today at 8:30 am with my education advisor (I have two for my double majors).  I have to look decent (not that he isn’t my teacher and has seen me live my life in leggings the last 3 months) but maybe he has forgotten and will just remember me through advising meetings.

Before my meeting, I made arguably some of the best pancakes I have ever made.  They were just blueberry with lemon zest but they came out so fluffy and amazing.  Seriously, these might be the proudest pancakes to date.  I wish you could tell more but I spelled lolz in blueberries but at least you can see the sprinkles.

Greek Yogurt+Syrup nommm. (+my favorite pink fork)

Someone asked me to post more daily looks that I’m rocking.  Wow-I’m not a fashionista but here today’s look as well.

Cardigan is from Willy Smith, dress roxy and leggings are Abercrombie and fitch and belt forever 21.  My normal outfit (99% of the time) is tunic+leggings+sweater because that is how I roll.


My meeting with my advisor went well and then to my delight we got our tests back in Modern Algebra class.  Holla at me because I got the highest grade in the class!  So naturally-I taped the test on my door, because that is how I roll.

Nope...she doesn't use the same tests at 2008...


After running today, I made myself a protein smoothie using the Aribonne protein I got in the mail and a new type of Fage Yogurt they stocked at the grocery store.  It was so thick and pink and delicious in my smoothie.  I recommend this to anyone.

OhEmGeez Protein Powder?

So many nomss

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I used the Airbonne)

6 ounce of yogurt (I use Fage with Cherry and pomegranate)
1 tsp Xanthem gum
A handful of raspberries
Ice cubes
Mix in blender and obviously add sprinkles.

I really like the taste of the vanilla protein powder and I will be trying one more packet in pancakes (the true test) and one more in a plain smoothie style to get the full flavor.  It helped to thicken the smoothie more than my previous protein that is for sure.


For lunch today in my normal lunch date with Julie, I had the exact same thing as Monday.  It was too good to resist and therefore I didn’t need to whip out my camera for that baby girl.

And for dinner I made steak pumpkin enchiladas subbing in the steak for the chicken.  These were awesome as always.  They are meal I’ll never be sad I tried because I frowned my nose at first.


Questions for you:
1.       What is something that you have tried and are so happy you did?
2.       Play any good April Fools jokes?


27 responses

  1. I didn’t play any April fools jokes, but did catch wordpress’s joke on the stats! Your pancakes and smoothie look so yummy! And I absolutely love the fact that you had a photoshoot with protein powder. =)

  2. Great job on your test! I actually miss math classes because it used to one of my fav subjects, but now all I ever take is science. I really like that vanilla protein powder, and I bet it tasted great in a smoothie. I’ve never seen that Fage cherry + pom before, but I MUST find it!

  3. Jason is actually trying to do some April Fools right now — calling his uncle to say he got a new job (he is looking so it makes sense) and we can’t be in their wedding. Hopefully he can pull it off — I’m horrible at making stuff up.

    Love the pancakes and good job on your class 🙂

  4. Mmmm your pancakes! What a yummy flavor combo 🙂 :)! Love your outfit for school too and I lol’d at how you didn’t wear leggings to see your advisor HAHHA

  5. Stop dressing so cute, it makes me feel inferior! I just wore yoga pants today… It was wonderful.
    I really enjoyed the arbonne protein too! Did you get the chocolate flavor too? I really want to try the vanilla but I didn’t get any.. boo.
    Every year on april fools day I draw a moustache on my sister’s face while she’s still asleep. For the first time ever, instead of yelling at me, she was thrilled that she had a moustache.

  6. Congrats on that test! I am looking at the formula you wrote down in #1 and it looks like hieroglyphics. For reals, you must be a genius.

  7. YOU look soooo cute! you dress way better than me 🙂
    congrats on your test love!!!!
    i love protein powder! I need to try that brand!

  8. Way to go smarty pants!

    I am so glad I tried 2% Greek yogurt… its so much better. And I’m in between on Avocados… sometimes I love them and sometimes they suck, know what I mean? I’m going to make pancakes someday Hollie, someday… Blueberry are my absolute favorite! Although, like peanut butter are amazing too, but they are kind of in totally different categories, don’t you think? Like you can’t compare something like “caramel butterscotch pancakes” to blueberry.

  9. Nice test! I hope the grade of my math final will turn out as good as that.

    I didn’t play any pranks but my English teacher turned all the tables backwards and we went into class all WTF?! That was pretty cool.

  10. Love the outfit and the test grade! Congrats! And the smoothie you made looks divine!
    I played the same prank on multiple freinds-kept saying I won 5000 bucks on a scratch off lotto ticket, and they believed me lol! 😀

  11. CONGRATS on your test- you rocked it 😀
    & I love that you taped it to the door. 😉
    Oh, and were those the MOST nomibility (is that the word?!) that you posted on twitter the other day?!? They look awesome..and now I’m hungry again- lol!

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