Week 12: The Best Week (73 miles)

It’s hard to believe there are two weeks until the Phoenix marathon.  Last week proved to me that I’m as ready as I’ll be for this race.  After my short back injury last week, I was extremely nervous going into this week and for the race in general. My goal for the week was to […]

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Runners You Might See Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about “Five different types of Runners“.   After posting and comments from readers, I realized there are far more different types of runners and people that were left out.  I won’t guarantee this will become a series on LOLZ blog but I will post observations. Last year I […]

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Training Week 9: 61 miles

As I mentioned earlier in the week, my calves were tight this week.  This lead to my plantar fascia becoming tight.  I know if I hadn’t taken proper measures, I would have ended up with plantar fasciitis (Proper measures meaning a deep tissue massage and a day off). This lead to my mileage lower then […]

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Fit it Or Quit It

I work at a running store and I love it.  I don’t love every single second of anything but I do really enjoy my job. I cannot tell you the amount of times it baffles me the amount of people that come into the store and say one of the following lines: This shoe injured […]

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Marathon Training: Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved

I normally begin writing my training posts on Monday.  Each day I fill in my workout and then glance over it the morning before.  It’s just easier for that way and I feel more motivated to actually talk about my training.  However, life got in the way this week and I never recorded anything.  Now […]

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