The point of our travel was to watch my brother graduate college! As fun as the cruise around Manhattan was or traveling New York City, we did come for graduation. We left around 7:30 and arrived to Matt’s campus at 8. We were fortunate my dad was able to give him the official oath into the […]

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Oualichi Restaurant (St. Maartin) 

The last of my diner experiences from our honeymoon was at the Oualichi Restaurant in St. Maartin. Oualichi is located right on the boardwalk of St. Maartin.  The restaurant faces the beach and it’s completely open and airy.  Your choices for seating are to sit in the sun outdoors or in the shade facing the beach. We […]

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Gladys Cafe (St. Thomas) 

While visiting to St. Thomas, we stumbled upon Gladys Cafe.  We decided to deboard and see which restaurants were open on the island.  While touring around the town we stumbled upon Gladys Cafe.  It had a dineresc feel so we thought why not try it?  We were actually very intrigued by the menu and were […]

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Cruise Ports

The recaps of the honeymoon have been so sporadic the last two weeks.  It shouldn’t really matter and I’ll get to them all eventually.  So many blog topics, so little time (I joke…). To keep myself organized here is what I’ve Recapped so far: Key West The Cruise The Cruise Food The last chapter of […]

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Banana Cafe

In Key West, T and I went to a small café/diner feel called the Banana Café.  Since the Banana Cafe had a “tropical” diner vibe, I thought I would add this one to the collection of diner  reviews.  Plus it was one of the best restaurants that we went too while on our honeymoon. Atmosphere: […]

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Just grilled up sablefish and scallops.  I am lucky to try @sizzlefishfit and everything has been amazing! 
Their food is delicious and their customer service is just as awesome!

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