Run for the Hill of it 5 Miler (34:40)

The Run for the Hill of it race was held in the Wissahickon park. The park is just north of Philly.  Since I didn’t work I was able to travel a bit further for a race.  The name of the race should have given the course elevation away. I didn’t realize it was a trail […]

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Training: Track and Trails

This week begins a more interesting part of training. This week I began formal speed work! Monday: 10 miles easy Tuesday: 10 miles fast finish Wednesday: 12 400s average 87 Thursday: Rest Friday: 10 miles easy Saturday:  Run for the Hill of it Trail 5m (34:40) Sunday: 14 miles with my coworker  Total:  67 miles […]

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Nike Vomero Review

After I realized the Nimbus 17 weren’t working out, I have been rotating through several models of shoes.  It’s hard to fall in love with a new shoe when your previous shoe model changes significantly. There are a few models of shoes I am currently experimenting with. I like to wait until I’ve put about […]

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Community Heros 5k (20:15)

Last Thursday I ran the Community Heros 5k.  Races at night are trickier for me.  I believe this is because  my body decides it’s time to sleep between 9-10.  By 7pm, I’m in my PJs watching reruns of reality TV…not racing. Lucky for me I’ve signed up for a few evening races in the near future. […]

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Training: 64 miles

Last week my training was all over the place. I took two rest days but I still ran about the same about of mileage as if I took one rest day.   In summary I took two rest days, I did a night time 10k and got a long run with personal friend Kevin. Monday: […]

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