63 Miles and Breaking Through a Plateau

Last weekend’s 10k race took a lot longer to recover than usual. I haven’t raced a 10k all out in a while so it made sense it took a lot longer to recover. It obviously effected my training this week since I was running a lot easier than normal.   I ended up needing Monday off. Monday: […]

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June Training

It’s hard to believe the month of June has finished.  I think that is how I open each monthly training post.  The cliff notes version of June was I ran healthy and happy. Mileage: 243 (the exact same mileage as last month…not on purpose!) Rest Days: 5 Range of Paces: 6:08-10:55-untimed Shortest Run: 1.75 warmup Longest […]

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Pineland Striders 10k (41:21)

I ran this race last year too.  It was the last race before a string of multiple injuries including plantar fasciitis and a stress fracture.  It was also the race I met Liz.  This year I was looking forward to finishing the race injury free.  (Spoiler: I finished slower than last year but injury free) […]

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A Survey and Training

Despite the power outage this week, I had a solid week of training. Monday: 13.1 around Tuesday: 10.7 Wednesday: 10.7 Thursday: OFF Friday: 11.11 Saturday: Independence 10k (6:40 pace) Sunday: 10.7 Total:  66 Thoughts: I felt good throughout the week. Last Sunday I took a rest day.  I felt great on Monday and ran longer […]

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A Raceless Week…

I had planned to run daily last week but with travel and vacation that didn’t happen. Often times we get too upset and miserable by an individual day or week of training. Your results are a collection of all of your workouts (both good and bad). Even though I felt good on Sunday, a rest day […]

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