Training: Recovery & 5ks

I spent most of the previous week recovering from the RnR Half Marathon. To be honest, I’m still recovering from the race as well as whatever sickness I’ve had.  Since the Bone Run, I haven’t had any remarkable runs that I’m particularly happy with.  RnR was a solid effort for how I was feeling at […]

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Racing Too Many 5ks and Progression (Part 2)

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about racing too many 5ks.  I enjoy racing, but I know it’s too many for some people. Plus there are plenty of 5ks each weekend now but during the winter months, the amount of races dwindle.  I don’t know what my social life will become! I […]

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RnR Philadelphia (1:25.45)

As I said in my training log on Sunday, last week I was sick.  Before getting sick, I was confident my fitness showed I could hold a 1:25 paced half marathon, if not faster.  After getting sick on Tuesday, I did n’t know how I would run. I didn’t have “taper” sickness, but had a bug […]

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Training October

October was the best month of training for me in about two years. I made a lot of progress this month. In fact, I made the most progress this month of any month so far.  I committed to doing speed workouts and racing frequently.  I raced a lot this month and, to be honest; I […]

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Training Log: Sick and RnR Philly

Last week was not what I wanted at all. I began my week on a great note. I felt good, and my runs were also feeling good. On Tuesday, I stressed myself out and found myself sick Tuesday night. Not the normal, tapering sick, but I believe I weakened my immune system with stress and […]

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It's funny what a year can make.  One year ago I ran my first half marathon post stress fracture (1:44). Within the last year I ran a marathon and got married.  I realized marathons weren't for me and I don't need to run them to be happy.  Yesterday I ran a 1:25 half at Philadelphia.  While I'm disappointed with the race I finished healthy and injury free.  I know I'm within sights of PRing in my shorter distances and keeping consistent is key.  Thank you to all of my friends near and far who have supported me.

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