Week 2: Falling Without Style

Last week was a rough week.   After Broad Street it took me the entire week to recover.  It isn’t surprising since the last time I ran that fast for that long was Broad Street 2014.  Of course my muscles are going to be sore!  That being said I had a nice week of running…I did what I wanted, no more and no less.

Monday: 7.35 miles easy
Tuesday: 7.35 miles easy
Wednesday: 7.4 miles easy
Thursday: 10.75 miles easy
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 10.75 miles easy
Sunday: Race to Never land 5k (20:20)

On Tuesday I tripped over a pot hole and took a nasty fall.  I was about ¼ of a mile away from my house and had to walk home.  During that fourth of a mile walk, three cars stopped and asked if I was okay.  I was bleeding and I had cut up my knee, elbow and arm pretty badly (no photos).

I fell directly on my elbow and honestly I was worried I had broken it again.  Long time readers know I have broken both of my arms.  The first time was in college when I slipped and fell on the ice.  The second was 2 years ago when a cyclist hit and knocked me to the ground while cooling down.  Needless to say I don’t fall gracefully.  I’ve been checked for bone density twice and was always in the normal range so that isn’t a worry.

ah ha...found this college gem.

ah ha…found this college gem.

It’s been nearly a week since falling and while I’m still sore I can rotate everything so I doubt it’s broken.  Thank goodness for that.

The rest of the runs were easy and boring.  My plan for May is still to keep running easy and base mileage.  I’ll also do local 5ks to get some speed in but no workouts.  I’ve kept building up slowly and I would like to be running 60-70 miles with a rest day.  I have no plans to run 15+ long runs for a while.

Enjoying miles not on snow...

Enjoying miles not on snow…

On Sunday I ran a local 5k.  It was hot, humid and not that enjoyable but in my attempt to get better at 5ks…I must run more 5ks. That would make sense right?   The heat as well as being sore got to me but like everything you must start somewhere.  Despite not being where I would like, it was a decent race and I don’t regret doing it.

So with that I move onto week 3 of training for 5ks.  It’s similar to week 2 but with a few miles.

Questions for you:

How was your week of training?

Have you ever broken your arm?

Broad Street 10 Miler (1:05.39)

It’s not a secret that I’ve been injured off and on during the last year.  I can’t remember the last time I finished a race where I felt confident, satisfied or 100% happy with the results.  The only race in the last year (since Broad Street 2014) that has met any of my expectations would be the Icicle 10 miler in January.

I entered the lottery of Broad Street while I was still injured my with my bum butt.  I had hopes I would feel better before the race but if I didn’t, I would only have wasted about 40 dollars on the race entry fee.  Spoiler: I finished the race 100% injury free. 

My inlaws, Tim and myself headed to the race around 6:15.  My father in law and myself were running Broad Street while Tim and Greta spectated.  I was grateful they just dropped us off at the start because I know as much about taking the train as I do about technology.

My father in law, Paul and I

My father in law, Paul and I

After getting to the start, we relaxed, stood in line for the bathroom and chatted.  I didn’t warm up before the race for a couple of reasons:

  • I haven’t been doing a lot of mileage that I should or need to be doing extra miles. I’m not in the fitness I was and should save my energy.
  • With Broad Street, it’s really crowded and I didn’t want to try and weave through people.

The race:

I dropped my items off and headed to the start.  I was in the red corral and with 40,000 people running it took a while to actually get there.  After getting in the corral, they announced the race and we were off.  I didn’t have much time to chat but I also didn’t see many friends.

Despite feeling tired from lack of sleep, the first mile felt pretty easy.  I ran a 6:27 first mile.  That’s the pace I’ve been able to run 5ks recently (and felt extremely tired).  I knew I would either blow up mid-way through the race or surprise myself.  I focused on running my own race and not worrying about other people.  It’s hard to run your own race when there are dozens of people whizzing by you but I just remembered “you do you girl”…I don’t even remember where I heard that from.

I hit the second mile in 6:27 and I began to feel confident with the pacing.  My body didn’t feel great or awful, I just felt like I was running fast.  I began to feel really excited that maybe I could maintain a pace under 6:45.  I haven’t been consistently training so my primary goal was to finish injury free.  In my mind, the reach goal was a 6:45 pace.

During the third mile I grabbed water and ran a 6:33.  It didn’t feel harder but I thought I just took the race out too quickly and was starting to slow down.  Then during the fourth mile, I ran a 6:26 so I didn’t feel like I lost energy just yet.

Broad Sreet 2

The fifth and sixth miles were both blurs to me.  When I am running consistently I begin to pick people off in the second half of a race.  This was not the case for Broad Street and I began fighting to hold onto the pace.  I ran both miles in 6:33.

The 7th mile was the most mentally challenging.  In ten miles, it’s way too soon to consider yourself “almost there” but you are approaching that point.  Mentally the seventh mile felt like it took about half of the race.

Broad Street series

By mile 8 I began seeing friends.  It’s unfortunate because that is when I felt the most tired.  I didn’t feel like I was going to go into cardiac arrest but I didn’t feel good.  My pace began slowing and I ran the last few miles in 6:42.

Broad Street waving

During mile 9 I was focused on finishing the race.  You can see the stadium from a distance and by that point you just want to finish.  The last .4 is staring almost directly at the finish line.  I find that type of finish the absolute hardest…I just wanted a teleporting machine…(RnR VA Beach has a 1-2 mile stretch of staring at the finish line).

The final push!

The final push!

Several go getters powered by me in the last .1 but I lacked that kick.  I finished in 1:05.39 and 85th woman overall.  I met and surpassed all of my goals and expectations and could not be happier with the race.   I haven’t felt that good during a race in a very long time.  As I mentioned yesterday, I want to focus on shorter distances for a while.  This race gave me a lot of confidence to begin running and training again.

I even got to see a few friends post race including Liz!

Broad Street Liz

Finally, I’ve been asked a lot of why I never took my gloves off.  My fingers were cold that morning and I meant to take them off.  They are throwaway gloves from work so I didn’t have a mental attachment to them.  I delayered and threw away a jacket but started the race with the gloves.  I never felt overheated and never took them off.  They worked well to wipe away a lot of snot I had (sorry if that is TMI).  I debated taking them off but just did never did….I know such an anticlimactic story.

Anyways great Broad Street and onward to another (injury free) race.  Hopefully it’s time to put the injuries behind me. 

Training Week 1: 45 miles

It’s hard to believe I haven’t posted a consistent training log since February.  The last few months have flown by so it really feels like it hasn’t been that long.

As I said on Friday, the goal of the next few weeks is to build a base.  I haven’t run consistently since the marathon so my running base has faded.

Use it or lose it!

And I have lost quite a bit of my base.  I know I will gain that back with consistent mileage.Right now it wouldn’t be smart to run 70 mile weeks or jump back into running.  I would run right into a the ER with a stress fracture diagnosis.

Building a base is about staying consistent.  I like base building because it means easy miles.  Your miles become faster and within a few weeks you feel strong and ready to conquer the (running) world. I think in about 2-3 weeks I’ll feel stronger.

So from now until late May I will be building back my base.  After Broad Street 10 miler (today),I will be adding more weekend 5ks to my schedule.  That will add a little bit of speed into my weekly mileage (and change of scenery).  If everything goes according to (the healthy) plan, I will begin adding speedwork in June.

But this post is primarily about this week: 

Coming back into real life this week was a shock to the system.  My body was not used to running on land (we had to run on a treadmill on the cruise since I am not Jesus).  I didn’t feel good or bad.  I did feel like I’ve recently upped my mileage and began running again.

Rewind to last week: On the cruise, we began running consistently so I’ve worked myself back into running some mileage again.  I didn’t go 0-45 in a week.  I’m not having any aches or pains and hopefully it stays that way.  I’m still doing physiotherapy on my hip just to make sure I don’t redevelop any issues.  For me, I never do the little things until it’s too late.  I am still receiving ART and going to release any excess scar tissue even though I’m running injury free.

From personal experience, my running goes well until it doesn’t.  Instead of ignoring (or being oblivious) to little things, this time I plan is to work and strengthen little things.  I will be doing more strength instead of more mileage.  I’ll still be eventually running around 70-80 miles (not 100) but I will be spending 15 minutes to work core, and strengthen.  If that means cutting a run short to do that…that means cutting a run short.

I want to work more on preventative care before my issues manifest into something more…again.  Part of running is learning from past mistakes and not remaking them.  I learned my first marathon training cycle that I didn’t need to run 100 mile weeks or back to back 20 milers to succeed.  I learned my second marathon training cycle that I have a lot of imbalances that need to be addressed.

So with all of that here is week 1 of training.  It’s nothing too exciting at all.

Monday: 10 miles easy

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: 7.35 miles easy

Thursday: 10.75 miles easy

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 7.35 miles easy

Sunday: Broad Street 10 miles

Each day, I also did 15 minutes of strength training for my hips and glute meade.

The routes and mileage are just runs around my neighborhood and lake.  The 7.35 miles is not the be all, end all distance but a path I found that works well.  If I ran 7 miles or 8 miles, it wouldn’t matter either way.  I’m sure next week I’ll find a different route to mix it up.

Next week:

I plan to add a few more miles and run a local 5k.  I also plan to begin doing core work.  To be honest, I didn’t want my core to be sore before running Broad Street this week HA!

Questions for you:

What kind of preventative maintenance do you do for your running?

How was your week of workouts? 

Running Through April

The month of April has been for running since January.  It’s a funny statement to make since I’ve been the most busy, the most inconsistent and the most scattered.  The main take away from April is that I’m finally running injury free again.  I don’t want to dwell on my butt pain anymore so the post about that is here.

Miles: 201

Shortest run: 2 miles warmup with Brittany

Longest Run: 11 miles in Fort Lauderdale

running to beachBest Training Run: The 11 miles in Fort Lauderdale was a lot of fun because we ended at the beach.  The weather was extremely hot.  After this winter it we were not prepared for the heat but we had such a good time.


Dismal Swamp 5k (19:45)

dismal swamp win

This was by far one of my favorite races to date.  It was the day before the wedding and I got to see a lot of my friends and family.  It wasn’t close to my PR but I had such a great time, it was hard not to enjoy it. .


Despite getting married and going on a honeymoon, April was my best month of running in a while.  First and foremost, I decided running and racing while injured wasn’t smart.  In hindsight I probably could have been injury free by the end of March if I hadn’t raced Shamrock.  Post Shamrock, I shut everything down and went to see specialist. The combination of time (after the marathon), rest and going to a specialist allowed me to begin running injury free again.  Starting April 11th (I only know because I raced the 5k that day) I was running injury free again.

I did a lengthy post about my my #bumbutt here.

The second half of the month was filled with getting married and a honeymoon.  I was able to run easy miles the rest of the month.  I didn’t stress about running on my honeymoon and if it happened…it happened.  If we didn’t run…we didn’t run.  One day both the track and the gym were closed so there was no running…oh well.  Since we went on a cruise, we ran on a lot of miles on the treadmill.  Side by side and holding hands (I kid…).  It actually wasn’t bad to run on the treadmill and I didn’t hate it.

This month flew by and I feel like I was just getting ready for April.

Next month:

I have finally recovered from my injury and I’m ready to run injury free and begin training again.  Through the summer I’ll be focusing a lot on 5-10ks.   For the next few weeks I’m going to run a lot of easy base building miles (similar to what I have been doing).  I’ll do a few local 5ks but no speed work.  Once my base is back, I’ll begin throwing in some speed work.  Once I have a better idea of the overall plan and goal I’ll post a lengthy blog about it.

Primary Goal: Staying injury free

Secondary Goal: Working on turnover rate

Questions for you: 

How was your month of April? 

What are your goals for May? 

Marching to the Beat of My Own Drum

Is March already over?

I always dread writing training month recaps when I’m injured or had a rough training month.  Who likes reading about the #bumbutt.  It’s important to be  honest and consistent so I keep writing recap posts.  Anyways…March taught me a lot.

Since Phoenix marathon was February 28th, that obviously effected my entire month of March.

Phoenix Marathon

After NYCM 20 months ago, I wondered how people recovered from a marathon so quickly.

After Phoenix in February, I still wonder how people recover so quickly.  Marathon maniacs are really maniacs…I have come to the conclusion I will be a 1 maybe 2 (per year) marathon person.  That distance is humbling and the recovery…is more humbling.

Some people recover from marathons well…I’m not one of those people.

Total miles: 122

Average pace: 6:41-mostly untimed

Races: Shamrock Half marathon  (1:33.06)

shamrock 3

Best Training Run:

Quite honestly, none of my training runs have been that stellar.  With my nagging #bumbutt, nothing feels like I could run for miles.  That is how it goes though…my runs later in the month have been better than the first few.  Hopefully April brings complete injury free miles.


The month of March has been strictly recovery and figuring out my butt pain.  While I haven’t 100% figured out everything I think I’m getting close.  It’s also been a frustrating month…not every month can be great.  Since I ran about half the miles as I normally have, this recap is about half the length.  As I said on Monday, I’m going to make be taking most of April for wedding related things and a honeymoon.  Training can wait…

Next Month:

I’m getting married and going on a honeymoon.  I will still run and actively try to figure out my butt but it will not be a priority.  Honesty is the best policy right?

Questions for you:

How was your month of March? 

Does anyone have a big race in April?

I know here in NJ, the Long Branch half marathon is at the end of the month.  One of my favorite races, the Atlantic City half marathon, is next weekend too.

Where am I running to?

I’ve been talking about my injury and marathon recovery for the last four weeks…I guess I should I consolidate my thoughts and figure out what I’m doing with my running.  I don’t know where I want to take my running in the next month or even the rest of 2015.

Phoenix Marathon

It’s not a secret I’m getting married in a couple of weeks.  While I’m not stressed about it, I’m not planning to “train” for anything before then.  A two week training cycle makes no sense and I’m not going to stick to any set routine or plan before the wedding.  Why on Earth would I rush to train for a race before (or even just after) the wedding?  Plus duh, I’m still working on that small injury.

After the wedding I’ll be going on a honeymoon.  I won’t really be training for anything then either.  I won’t be training, blogging or doing a whole heck of a lot.  Yes I will still run and workout…but will it count?  Anything without internet proof never happened…

In reality, if I’m healthy I won’t begin any plan or routine until early May.  I don’t have an exact plan, routine or schedule since I have a lot going on in the next month,  There is a lot of uncertainty before May.  Will I be healthy?   I would like to think I’ll be healthy before the wedding but that would be a wedding miracle.

So hypothetically after getting back from my honeymoon, I would like to begin running shorter distances in May, June and July.  I haven’t run many 5ks for the last two years.  I had planned to run more last year but after a slight case of plantar fasciitis last summer,  I wasn’t running at all.

I would love to win another piece of log to decorate my house with.  That was my fastest 5k of the year...

I would love to win another piece of log to decorate my house with. That was my fastest 5k of the year…

I’ve been thinking a lot about my training lately.  What I’m doing is no longer working.  I’ve been been on/off injured the last year.

Is that from being inconsistent?

Is it from running high mileage and it wearing on my body? 

Is it from poor recovery or burning the candle on both ends with wedding planning, life, work and running? 

Is it from focusing on longer races versus shorter races?

I’ve always said races are my “speed work” but lately I haven’t been doing a lot of road races.  I went from running 2-3 each month in 2013, to running 1-2 longer races each month.  That is a drastic change.  I’m not sticking to the very core of my original training.

I guess I can say this about my training:

My major goal is to get healthy.  I’m not going to train for anything until I’m 100% healthy.  I would like to focus on shorter distances this summer and improve my turnover.  Perhaps next fall I’ll work on training for a half or even another full marathon.   The cliff notes version is:

1. Get married and get healthy (injury free).

2. Train for shorter races for a few months

3. Run longer races next fall

Questions for you:

How many races do you do each month?

What are your training plans for the spring and summer? 


A Pain in the Butt Week 3

I’ve always said muscle injuries were frustrating.  You know with broken bones you must wait a few months and they heal.  Muscles could take days, weeks, months or years to heal…you can still run through them but it doesn’t feel like rainbow and butterflies.

That’s where I’m at right now.

The evolution of the butt pain went something like this:

First it was half limping through adductor muscle, hip, hamstring, butt and IT band.

Then it went walking normally with residual pain in my adductor (which faded away) but my pain in the hip, and butt were still there. 

Then it was committing to going to a professional who knows what they were doing and working with them.  

My pain is now mostly in the gluteus medius, TFL, piriformis and SI joint. 

Now there is one pinpoint of sharp pain right in SI joint.  With all the work being done everywhere else, my muscles are constantly being forced elsewhere. The pain has been traveling which is a good sign (I guess…because it’s not a stress fracture).  Getting multiple ART sessions is beginning to loosen them up. We are currently working to loosen everything up and go from there.

All of the professionals I’ve been too believe that rest isn’t going to make it better or worse.  The problem lies in the muscles and once the muscles are “fixed”, the issue will be fixed.  So I’ve been running a little bit off and on.  I have to say I do feel better than 2 weeks ago…whether that is from marathon recovery or injury recovery, I am not convinced.

As I mentioned, since last week I’ve decided to go to a very knowledgeable sports doctor in South Jersey.  The team works exclusively with runners and triathletes.  So far the team has done nothing but great work.   I’ve seen two of their staff so far and have another appointment tomorrow.  They have informed me they will be able to get a good gauge of my issues by four sessions.  If I need to be referred to somewhere where I can get an MRI then that will be the next step.  So I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and going at least 4 times.  I cannot imagine it’s anything bone related because I am able to run without a change in gait.

Monday: OFF (recovery from Shamrock)
Tuesday: 6.5 miles easy
Wednesday: 7.13 miles easy
Thursday: Cross training AMT
Friday: 6.5 miles treadmill
Saturday:  8 miles
Sunday:  6.5
Total:  34.5

Nothing hurt any worse or better while running so I kept with that mileage.

In summary:

  • I’m stretching, doing PT and trying to get my butt to feel better.  The pain has migrated and currently seems to centralize in my SI joint.
  • I’m going to see a professional to get help.
  • I’m still running and the pain doesn’t feel worse when I run (but is still there).

This post is kind of all over the place but long story short I think what I’m doing is beginning to work.  Any injury is frustrating but I still think muscle injuries are the most.

Questions for you:

Have you ever received ART?

What was your best workout of the week?