Lake Effect Series: Bulimia and Swimming

Note from Hollie: I cannot believe there is less then a month to go until the Lake Effect Half Marathon.  This story is from someone who I know personally and it has touched me so much.  The first time I read this post I cried.  Thank you for sharing friend.  If you would like to […]

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Time Keeps on Ticking…

I always enjoy learning more about bloggers whether it’s their personal life, a random story or question and answer post.  Though to be honest I still could care less what your favorite color is…I will probably forget two seconds after commenting. Though the mention of swimming on this blog seems like a life time ago, […]

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Staying Flexible

The moment I got into the NYCM my life became pure chaos.  About a week after signing up for the marathon I decided I would work for the summer in VA then move to Texas with Tim in the fall.  He was graduating around that time and it made sense it would be a good […]

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Top Instagram Blogger Cliches

After reading an article about the top 15 most cliché instagram photos, I got the brilliant idea from Danielle to do the top most cliché healthy living/fitness blogger instagram photos.  Since I have all the spare time in the world…I thought I would. It’s not a secret that I overpost on instagram and fall into […]

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College Growth

Many of my friends (real life and on the internet) are starting college this week.  It’s hard for me to believe that I’m not going to college or anywhere near a college anytime soon.  I spent four years for my undergraduate followed by  a year interning and working at a college.  So long story short […]

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Time to stop. 🏃🏻✋❌ The cold front has me inside this week but to be honest I don't mind.  I had a great morning run today.

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