Starview Diner

Last week, T and I headed to a new diner to try.  I have felt like I’ve been slacking a little bit due to my work schedule being kind of crazy.  Some weeks are like that though.  I have driven by the Starview Diner in Somerdale several times (on my way to Berlin).  Sadly there […]

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Park Nine Diner

This week the owner of the website, NJ isn’t boring and I went to try a new diner. A quick introduction but I found the website after someone mentioned a website that has a complete list of diners in NJ! While I utilize website the most for diners, it’s really opened my eyes to how […]

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Seven Star Diner

After a more than eventful few days at work and life Erin asked if I wanted to get dinner last Saturday.  I happily agreed: a new diner and new area…two winning combinations.  After googling diners in South Jersey the Seven Star Diner in Seawell popped up.  I’ve found just googling diners in NJ, I can […]

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WIAW: Sugarless

As I promised I would do a full day of eating under Swanson’s Sugar Free month long challenge.  In my mind, it made the most sense on Wednesdays because that is when most people post what they ate.   So I can join the foods party for this week and maybe another week. Posts regarding this […]

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WIAW: Eating the Rainbow #Elfforhealth

I’m not sure if I mentioned this but I decided to participate in Lindsay’s Elf for Health Challenge.  I started doing it last year but fell off the bandwagon like I normally do with goals I set.  Yesterday’s challenge was to eat the colors of the rainbow.  I always find these challenges to be interesting […]

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