Broad Street Diner (Keyport, NJ)

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor to go to the Broad Street Diner the owner of the Website New Jersey Isn’t Boring.  If you are ever in NJ and looking for something to do, everything and anything is on the website.  There is day trip advice, breweries, food trucks and weekly events. […]

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WhiteHall Diner

The Whitehall Diner (Whitehall, Pa)  Almost two months ago now, I was lucky to have dinner with Allison.  I’ve been reading Allisons blog for a while and she is an incredible runner.  In October, when I raced the Runners World 5k and half marathon in her area we decided to meet up for dinner.  She recommended […]

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Liberty Diner Two

Liberty Diner Two Bordentown, NJ A few weeks ago, the famous website owner of New Jersey Isn’t Boring met for dinner. She is the only person who appreciates diners as much as I do. The website New Jersey isn’t Boring is how I find all of my diners. She works hard on the site and it’s been […]

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The Lamp Post Diner

First Happy July Fourth! “This was one of the biggest and most open diners.  The menu was equally as large. We wondered if the diner could live up to the expectations of the outside atmosphere.  The portions were huge and the food was delicious”. -DadLOLZ A few weeks ago, my parents, brother Steven and I […]

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Gladys Cafe (St. Thomas) 

While visiting to St. Thomas, we stumbled upon Gladys Cafe.  We decided to deboard and see which restaurants were open on the island.  While touring around the town we stumbled upon Gladys Cafe.  It had a dineresc feel so we thought why not try it?  We were actually very intrigued by the menu and were […]

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Time to stop. 🏃🏻✋❌ The cold front has me inside this week but to be honest I don't mind.  I had a great morning run today.

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