The Racing Flat.

As most readers know, I like to train in heavier and more cushioned shoes. When I do speed work, I’ll train in my flats but other then that I prefer the heavier shoes.  Since I’m doing higher mileage, I like the extra cushion and weight to keep me healthy.  It makes me feel more comfortable […]

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Spring Gear

I feel like it’s finally appropriate to open this post with: I’m actually training in the Spring.  By this point, we are nearly into summer.  I do feel as if my running (knock on wood) is to the point I can talk about what I’m training in.  Not being injured is awesome and I would train in […]

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Week 3: Most Boring Training Log Ever

Week 3 was almost a mirror image of week two.  I ran easy, consistent mileage.  With the exception of being chased by momma geese, nothing too interesting happened while running. I did manage to capture this pretty shot of Cooper River before the row competitions began. On the injury front, instead of falling and hurting myself, […]

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Articles: May 15

It’s finally Friday!  I don’t know about you but it felt like the first half of the week went by soooo slow.  Then Wednesday and Thursday flew by (granted I had both days off).  It’s also halfway through May.  I feel like the month itself has flown by…just not this week. Yesterday I did a […]

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Race to Neverland 5k (20:20)

On Sunday I ran the Race to Neverland 5k.  It was a small, local 5k in the area.  In South Jersey you can pretty much point to any road and say “there will probably be a 5k here in the next month”.   There are at least 2 each weekend within 20 miles of my house.  Needless […]

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