Historic Fairview 5k (19:47) 

My husband and I decided to sign up for this race on a whim.  When we looked online, we noticed that there were 13 race participants signed up!  The race ended up having about 50 people in it.  We thought it would still be a lot of fun so went anyways.  The race started at 9 am and […]

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Week 3: Team 5k 60 miles

One of my goals in my free time was to give the LOLZ blog an overhaul. A lot of the information is old and stale. Sometimes it’s easier playing “Where’s Waldo” than finding older blog posts. (I know the navigation is rough!) I’ve been doing a lot of blog construction. I think I’ve finally settled […]

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Week 3: Most Boring Training Log Ever

Week 3 was almost a mirror image of week two.  I ran easy, consistent mileage.  With the exception of being chased by momma geese, nothing too interesting happened while running. I did manage to capture this pretty shot of Cooper River before the row competitions began. On the injury front, instead of falling and hurting myself, […]

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Week 2: Falling Without Style

Last week was a rough week.   After Broad Street it took me the entire week to recover.  It isn’t surprising since the last time I ran that fast for that long was Broad Street 2014.  Of course my muscles are going to be sore!  That being said I had a nice week of running…I did […]

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Saucony Triumph ISO Review

The Saucony Triumph has been a shoe I have wanted to try since its release a few months ago.  Since I was having such good luck staying injury free during marathon training I didn’t want to try anything new.  This meant waiting to try new shoes, new training methods, etc…I knew what worked and I […]

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