Studio Diner

Studio Diner (San Diego, California) During our vacation to San Diego, we visited two diners.  The first, the Studio Diner, is located just north of the downtown. We arrived during lunch time on Sunday, which is usually the busiest time of the week.  Despite having 4-5 parties in front of us, we were sat within […]

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Park Wood Diner

Park Wood Diner Maplewood, NJ A few weeks ago my husband and I drove up to Maplewood to go to the Park Wood Diner.  Ever since the Park Wood Diner made the list of top 10 diners, I’ve wanted to go.  It seemed like a perfect adventure.  We had run the Icicle 10 miler earlier in […]

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Pegasus Restaurant

Pegasus Restaurant Malaga, NJ A few weeks ago I drove down to Malaga, NJ.  The Vineland is one of the few areas I’ve never explored in the Garden State.  The Pegasus Restaurant is the perfect excuse to travel.  It’s about 45 minutes south of me, and the area of Malaga is very woodsy.  It’s one of […]

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Hollywood Diner and Cafe

A few weeks ago, Angela and I were able to meet at the Hollywood Diner and Cafe in Woodbury.  We arrived there around the lunch hour. When driving down the NJ a turnpike you can see the Hollywood Diner between exits 2-3.  However, it’s much easier to get there from 295. Angela and I have […]

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Nike Pegasus

Often times my shoe choices surprise me. When I first started running the Nike Pegasus was my first running shoe. After running through my first pair of “real running” shoes, I felt as if I needed more cushion.  I left Nike and went to other brands.  I tried the Pegasus on in the store occasionally, […]

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I was second woman on a challenging four mile course.  24:41/6:10 per mile. 
I enjoy going up to north jersey for this race.  Now for the long drive home and to continue supporting the #panthers

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