Mustache Bills (Long Beach Island)

Mustache Bills, Long Beach Island Last week Tim and I made the trip to Mustache Bills on Long Beach Island. This is not to be confused with Long Island. Mustache Bills is one of the most popular diners in the entire state!  I had been wanting to go since moving, but I live about 90 […]

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Modern Malt (Syracuse, NY)

While visiting Syracuse last month, I had the opportunity to try the Modern Malt. It’s one of Heather’s favorite restaurants in Syracuse. It’s not quite a standard New Jersey diner but more of an upscale, foodie diner.   It’s hard to believe this was just about a month ago now! Atmosphere: A It’s an upscale, modern […]

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BrookLawn Diner

The Brooklawn Diner Last month, my parents and I drive by a metallic diner in Gloucester City.  The Bridgewater Diner looked great from the outside so we were excited to try it out!  We actually planned to go to a different diner but we saw this one along our route and decided to try it out. […]

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State Line Diner

The State Line Diner After a friend recommended the State Line Diner a few months ago, I added it to my “diner to do list.” I have wanted to try the diner for a while so when we were driving back from Syracuse it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Atmosphere: A The State Line Diner […]

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Hollywood Diner (Dover, De)

I have been to the Hollywood diner before. When my family and I were driving up to college over eight years ago, we stopped there! I honestly don’t remember many details, but I knew I had been there! This time period was far before I knew how awesome diners were. We decided to stop at […]

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Thankful I get to spend the holiday with my husband after all.  We successfully cooked our first turkey.  Everything came out well and we didn't end up on the local news. So it was a success.  Have a happy thanksgiving friends. 🦃🍴🏉

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