Marathon Grill

After Kevin and I’s long run last weekend we got brunch.  I’m an avid user of foursquare and a quick search of  restaurants brought us to the Marathon Grill.  It made sense to go with a name like marathon. It’s technically classified as an upscale diner, so I thought why not review it? The Marathon Grill […]

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Seven Seas Diner

I’ve been to the Seven Seas Diner several times. In fact it was the first full meal I had after the New York City Marathon. I wanted to try it a few more times before determining it was my favorite diner.  Everything tastes the best after a marathon!  The Seven Seas Diner is located in […]

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The Palace Diner

Last week Liz and I had an impromptu date at the Palace Diner.  It was one of the last diners I had not tried in Gloucester County.  I used to drive by the Palace Diner on the way to Berlin but have not been in a while. Incase you missed it Liz and I have also reviewed: […]

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The Chit Chat Diner

While heading North last week for my brothers graduation, my family and I stopped in Hackensack, NJ. We wanted to wait an extra hour for the New York City traffic died down. Of course it made sense to try a new diner. My family is the greatest…stopping at a diner to waste time… We easily made it […]

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Geets Diner

Last month my brother, Matt, came to visit New Jersey.  Even though it was rainy, we decided to head down to Atlantic City. On the way we passed Geet’s Diner.  I had seen Geets before but never stopped. Atmosphere: A The outside was metallic and welcoming. It took us a few minutes to realize that there […]

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