Friday Five

Five Thoughts I’ve Had This Week: I’ve begun creating my racing schedule for the fall.  I can find a 5k, 10k or half marathon every weekend but I still lack an ultimate goal race. Do I want to race more 5ks? Train for a half marathon? Train for a late Fall or Winter Marathon?  A Marathon […]

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Life Updates

It is hard to believe we are through another week of the summer.  It’s strange to think how fast this summer is going.  A month ago, schools were getting out.  In another month, they’ll be starting again. This week was unique for me.  My work schedule is beginning to change and I enjoyed a lot of unscheduled […]

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Brands on LOLZ

I have been fortunate to work with several brands and companies through blogging.  While making LOLZ blog a full time job is not something I’m interested in, blogging has led me to incredible companies and people.  Blogging full time is a lot of work.  I feel like I spend a lot of time and effort blogging and I still […]

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A Worthwhile Cause and Life Updates

I have had a lot of random thoughts this week.  I’ve honestly been all over the place.  Nothing like a Thinking Out Loud post to gather them all up… First I was lucky to be given the opportunity to try a Janji tank top.  I’ve followed this company for a while so when they reached […]

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Last weekend we sold my car.  As most people know, I’ve kept the same car since getting my drivers license in 2006. Selling my car was a little bit more emotional than I assumed it would be.  Just thinking about it, I spent nearly a decade with my 2000 Pontiac Firebird but there are some things you […]

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Today I focused on running a consistent (instead of taking it out too fast then dying 😂😜). I ran a 6:23, 6:27, 6:22 and 19:59 final time. 
I felt good finishing versus going into cardiac arrest so I can't complain.

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