Random Musings of the Week

Oomph what a week but I decided to participate in a thinking out loud post and update you on my life! This week has not been optimal for sleep.  I don’t know why I’m not sleeping well, but I’ve found myself tossing and turning most days of the week.  I need 8+ hours of sleep […]

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The Most Random Post

I haven’t done a traditional style “thinking out loud” for a while.  What am I thinking about this week? Who really cares…I doubt anyone was at the edge of their seat waiting… It’s been a rough welcome back to New Jersey.  I’m not shy about admitting that snow is my thing.  After going to college […]

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Rotating Shoes

My current rotation of running shoes includes all of the following: Saucony Triumph ISO 2 (for long or easy runs) Saucony Zealot and Nike Pegasus 32 (for race warmups, workouts or a daily run) Saucony A6 (for workouts, races) Occasionally the Asics Quantum for recovery runs when I want to feel nothing. As you can […]

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Random Thoughts

Something I’ve learned in the last year is most of the time life is boring, and that’s okay. Sometimes there is nothing exciting going on that merits a blog post. I post the majority of days, but most are about running and training and, of course, diner reviews. I haven’t posted about personal life in […]

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Friday Thoughts

I felt like this week went by slowly.  Did anyone else?  Current Thoughts:  This weekend the Pope comes to Philadelphia.  They have estimated 2 million people will go see him on Sunday morning.  People are walking from my area and over the Ben Franklin bridge.  Running that route would take about an hour and a half…walking […]

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Time to stop. 🏃🏻✋❌ The cold front has me inside this week but to be honest I don't mind.  I had a great morning run today.

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