So.Much.Dessert=No Problems For this Girl

I do not make my own crab cakes.  I buy them from the store, but making them would be awesome and I’ll have to look into that.  I mean how hard can making a mushy blob of crab be?

Anywho since I finally tried Kale last night and was rather healthy, I found it acceptable to have my favorite comfort food this morning all day:

Dark chocolate orange pancakes, they were delicious and that is why they continue to be my favorite.  But don’t tell spinach bacon waffle-he might be a lil jealz.  I seriously love the bitterness of dark chocolate paired with the tartness of orange.

For lunch today, there was some special going on at our dining hall called the Easter Bunny Hop and I was secretly hoping all the dining hall employees were dressed like giant bunnies.  Sadly that was not the case but one can only hope for so much.  I begged my lunch dates Justin and Kelsey to allow us to venture from quiche (even though I’m the only one who gets quiche…) to go see what the Bunny Hop was all about.

I got my typical foods there but Kelsey and I did split a piece of carrot cake and it was good.  Normally our all you can eat buffet features hard crusty cakes-but today it was delicious.

Kelsey accepts that I'm going to take photos even after a fork has been put

Then for dinner, as if Kelsey couldn’t get enough of me we went to First Crush again.  I’m really obsessed with this place and seriously, their salads are awesome sauce.  My salad had grilled chicken, mixed springs, cranberries with a vinaigrette dressing.

Kelsey got the brie Panini, filled with cranberry, turkey and smoked chedder cheese.

Then because my sweet tooth was clearly satisfied, we got the crème Brule bread pudding which I had had my eye on for quite some time (aka since last week).  It was seriously good-if you will send me some bread pudding (and kale) for my birthday we will be in love forever.

If you visit me-I'll take you here and we can just bread pudding


In the workout end for me today, I had to run on the beloved dreadmill because it was pouring rain.  Since the Tyra show was on at 3, I found I could actually focus for the entire 7 miles.   I had done an hour of Arctrainer beforehand, so it was a pretty intense day for this girl.


As you know, my favorite show is on tonight.   America’s Next Top Model.  I am hoping that my favorite Brittany doesn’t go home tonight since the preview has been hinting at it.  If she does, I guess I can sub in and be America’s Next Top Model.  As if you need to see my face in more place such as magazines and billboards ha.

ANTM=painting nails time.

Questions for you:

1.       Do you like to make big  pancakes or lots of small ones?

I personally like one big one.  Sometimes I make little baby ones too but I guess it all depends on my moon.  So big ones normally or big one.

2.       Favorite dessert ever?