Living for the Weekend

Or something like that? This weekend had other plans  but a few things popped up so I ended up staying at home.  I tried to make the best of the sitatution and ultimately had a good time. My friend Kevin was in town for an important conference so I got to give him a bit […]

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Current Mental State

More and more “real life” friends have begun reading my blog.  It’s strange because I feel my blog has become such an open and social part of my life.  My friends, coworkers or even friends I haven’t seen since high school or college have mentioned reading off and on. What once was a semi-private blog […]

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The Year of the Quarter Life Crisis

July 12 is my birthday.  If my math is correct then today I turn 25.  It’s my quarter life crisis year.  I also have to move to the sad and more competitive 25-29 age group for races. In order to prepare for my quarter life crisis I have done the following in the last few […]

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Weekend Fun

Last week and the Fourth of July weekend was low key for me. I was happy to relax.  I was able to see my inlaws in PA, have some personal time, run and work.  I also got some necessary cleaning done. I feel like I had a balance of everything! Last week I visited my inlaws in […]

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Cruising Around New York City

Last weekend I headed to Long Island to celebrate my brother’s graduation from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. Throughout the last four years, he has worked extremely hard. My family and I could not be more proud of him. Unlike many college graduations (mine included), it was a multi-day event! I was very lucky my […]

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