Blogging Through Life

I used to be more embarrassed about blogging. I wouldn’t hide blogging, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to promote my blog either.  Four years and many life changes later, I still don’t go out of my way to talk about my blog but most people know it exists.  If someone asks we […]

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How to Make A Move Painfree

Moving can be tough. As most people know, I’ve moved several times. My move last month was unexpected but, to be honest, we found what we needed in a house. If we had known how the events of our previous house would play out, we probably would have kept looking last year.  My apologies for […]

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To Don’t List

Negativity can creep right in at any time. I am someone who likes to make “to do” lists. If I write everything down, I find myself far more likely to get things done. But what about a “To Don’t” list? I was on an easy run a few days ago when the idea of a […]

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Living for the Weekend

Or something like that? This weekend had other plans  but a few things popped up so I ended up staying at home.  I tried to make the best of the sitatution and ultimately had a good time. My friend Kevin was in town for an important conference so I got to give him a bit […]

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Current Mental State

More and more “real life” friends have begun reading my blog.  It’s strange because I feel my blog has become such an open and social part of my life.  My friends, coworkers or even friends I haven’t seen since high school or college have mentioned reading off and on. What once was a semi-private blog […]

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It's funny what a year can make.  One year ago I ran my first half marathon post stress fracture (1:44). Within the last year I ran a marathon and got married.  I realized marathons weren't for me and I don't need to run them to be happy.  Yesterday I ran a 1:25 half at Philadelphia.  While I'm disappointed with the race I finished healthy and injury free.  I know I'm within sights of PRing in my shorter distances and keeping consistent is key.  Thank you to all of my friends near and far who have supported me.

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