Dolphin Diner

The night before Broad Street, my inlaws, Tim and I decided to head to a local diner.   I had been wanting to try this diner for a while.  Realistically I liked this diner because the outside looked really nice and “diner like”. Atmosphere: A The outside atmosphere is what originally drew me into the Dolphin Diner.  It’s […]

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The Edison Diner

T and I were racing in Northern Jersey a while ago and decided to stop somewhere to eat post race. Of course when we are in a new area we google diners. The Edison diner is located directly off of exit 9 on the turnpike. When we got there around lunch time on a Sunday, it […]

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The Freeway Diner

Freeway Diner When the New Jersey Isn’t Boring website owner asks if you want to go on a finer date, you don’t say no. It’s not allowed! Our first diner date was a few months ago to the Park Nine diner. This time we opted to go the Freeway diner in Woodbury, NJ (Her review here) […]

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The Marlton Diner

The Marlton diner has been on to my to do list for a while now. It is located in Burlington county off of exit 70.  The Marlton diner is a picture perfect diner in New Jersey. I met personal friend and local runner Liz a few weeks ago. Liz is a writer as well as a night […]

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Tops Diner

According to many different lists and reviews,  Tops diner is ranked the best in New Jersey. It’s even known as one of the best in the country. When I first moved to NJ, it was placed at the top of my list.  Several people have told me to go but it’s 90 minutes away from […]

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