Marathons and Me…Me and Marathons I guess there is no hiding what this post is about right? Right now I’ve run two marathons and neither of them have been enjoyable.  That is the blunt honest truth and yet I find myself pondering whether I should run a fall full marathon.  Right now I plan to […]

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A Pain in the Butt

This week I’ve seen much better improvements with my butt, hips, hamstring and everything else but instead of listing every muscle group I’ll just refer to my leg.  Instead of being stubborn I went to get some to look at it.  It turns, it was nothing that I had originally thought.  While I’m not better, I […]

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Phoenix Full Marathon (3:14.59)

I don’t know how to start this post.  I ran a marathon, I PR’ed and won my age group.  I should be pleased (I am).  I do know, however, my fitness was a little bit faster than this race showed.  I also know that I finished this race not healthy.  Not a full blown injury but […]

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Cliff Notes: Phoenix Recap (3:14.59)

Cliff notes version: I PR’ed and was first in my age group. The longer but not too long version: The first half of the race felt great.  I ran the first 13.1 in 1:34. For the last two weeks, I have been dealing with a hamstring soreness/tightness that manifested itself in this race around mile […]

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Marathon Nutrition

One of the major reasons I posted so extensively about my first marathon training cycle was so I could eventually go back and reread those posts.  I could reread posts and see what worked and what did not work (the internet never forgets).  Sure, I could have written in a diary instead but with blogging, I also […]

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Laying on my floor and stretching never felt so good.  Just finished my longest run in 3 months (15 miles) and a 71 mile training week.

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