Random Musings of the Week

Oomph what a week but I decided to participate in a thinking out loud post and update you on my life! This week has not been optimal for sleep.  I don’t know why I’m not sleeping well, but I’ve found myself tossing and turning most days of the week.  I need 8+ hours of sleep […]

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The Most Random Post

I haven’t done a traditional style “thinking out loud” for a while.  What am I thinking about this week? Who really cares…I doubt anyone was at the edge of their seat waiting… It’s been a rough welcome back to New Jersey.  I’m not shy about admitting that snow is my thing.  After going to college […]

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Mini Trip to Los Angeles

Since Los Angeles is only a couple of hours north of San Diego, we decided to drive up there as well.  As I said yesterday, with our entire vacation, we did not have an itinerary. I knew I wanted to see the Hollywood sign but other than that we had no real plan. We spent […]

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2016 Race Bucket List

As 2016 begins, I have started thinking about a race bucket list.  In a world where I stayed injury free and my schedule allowed I would be able to do all of the races I’ve had my eyes on. Who knows, I doubt I’ll get to all of them this year, but there are a […]

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Training: An Unexpected 2.5 Year PR

This was the week. The week of weird, unexpected and the week I Pred…while wearing a wet seal prom dress. Life is full of unexpected events and without the unexpected I don’t think LOLZ blog would be able to exist because I’m normally pretty boring. With that training this week was weird, and I’m okay […]

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I was second woman on a challenging four mile course.  24:41/6:10 per mile. 
I enjoy going up to north jersey for this race.  Now for the long drive home and to continue supporting the #panthers

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