Comparison: The Thief of Joy

In the above photos, I’m running my fastest 5k of 2014, a not so great 5k and finally a 10k PR.   They say that “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Comparison to others… Comparison to yourself in the past… Comparison to yourself in the present… Comparison to yourself in the potential future… The comparison […]

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Staying Busy

Since coming home at the end of April, my life has gone from 0 to 180 and back to 0 again.  It’s not in a good or a bad way but my life schedule and routine has been anything but consistent! Last week I went through a lot of routine and schedule changes. Instead of […]

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Weekend Adventure

First, Happy Memorial Day. I hope people are enjoying the Holiday and remembering those who lost their lives. Even though I’m working today, the last few days have been extremely enjoyable. My brother came into town for the day on Thursday. Of course, New Jersey hasn’t seen much rain but it rained the day he […]

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Articles: May 15

It’s finally Friday!  I don’t know about you but it felt like the first half of the week went by soooo slow.  Then Wednesday and Thursday flew by (granted I had both days off).  It’s also halfway through May.  I feel like the month itself has flown by…just not this week. Yesterday I did a […]

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Thursday Thoughts

Last week I mentioned I was all over the place.  I have to admit this week was no better and I’ve been just as spacey.  I’ve been working as usual but I’ve been also taking care of a few personal things (including buying a new car) on my days off. I guess I’ll just randomly spew thoughts […]

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