Blogging Through Life

I used to be more embarrassed about blogging. I wouldn’t hide blogging, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to promote my blog either.  Four years and many life changes later, I still don’t go out of my way to talk about my blog but most people know it exists.  If someone asks we […]

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Five People That Motivate Me

Five People Who Motivate Me I wasn’t sure how I wanted to write this post.  My friend at Eat Pray Run DC has a Friday weekly themed link-up.  I like reading each week because it’s a different theme and it’s always interesting!  I thought I would link up again since everyone has people that motivate […]

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Welcome to New York…

This weekend my husband and I made a short trip up to Syracuse, NY. I did not realize how short until I plugged it into the computer, and Mapquest said it was only a 4.5-hour drive. It’s funny because that is only an hour longer than when I went to college in Upstate NY. After […]

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To Don’t List

Negativity can creep right in at any time. I am someone who likes to make “to do” lists. If I write everything down, I find myself far more likely to get things done. But what about a “To Don’t” list? I was on an easy run a few days ago when the idea of a […]

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Reflecting on Training

I have been thinking a lot about my training lately. I’ve been thinking about the evolution of my personal running as well as my life. Consistency is key.  We all have good and bad days. Similarly we have good months and bad months.  We even have good years and bad years.   Rome wasn’t built a […]

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Thankful I get to spend the holiday with my husband after all.  We successfully cooked our first turkey.  Everything came out well and we didn't end up on the local news. So it was a success.  Have a happy thanksgiving friends. 🦃🍴🏉

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