Quick Recap of the Month of Real Life

The last month has been a whirlwind and I honestly don’t know where to begin.  I got married…I went on a honeymoon (which was the most fun of my life) and now today I’m back…back in real life.  I did a lot of stuff that will never make the blog.  I made a lot of memories that won’t be blogged about…

To say these last few weeks were incredible is an understatement.

And then never ending dancing

Between my wedding, honeymoon and my new found enjoyment of running injury free, I don’t really know where to begin blogging. So here is a little recap of the last month and I’ll break it down at a later time.


For T and I, our wedding was perfect.  We got to see a lot of family and friends and enjoy the evening with them.  Everything went perfectly (thanks to my wedding planner and vendors).  We didn’t have to worry about anything and could just enjoy the entire evening.

I did a post about our wedding here.

Here are just a few photos (more to come):

Dad walking me down

Dad walking me down

ceremony wedding


We went to Key West, Florida for a few days followed by boarding a cruise.  We both really enjoyed doing this and we felt like we did a lot of fun and new things.

Southern Most Point

Southern Most Point

In Florida, we rode a glass bottom boat and saw dolphins.

A dolphin...

A dolphin…

In St. Maartin, we went kayaking and snorkeling.


I somehow ended up dancing and booty popping on stage for the “World’s Sexiest Man” competition.  That is a lolz post in itself…

dancing 1

In summary, the 10 day honeymoon was perfect for us and that is all that matters.  We didn’t stay up until 3am drinking nor did we drink every single night (but we did indulge and spent 10 stress and worry free days). We came back to NJ still married and that is important…

formal night


I posted a long winded summary yesterday but right now I’m running injury free (knock on wood).  I made a few mistakes along the way from racing to not seeing a specialist sooner but I’m excited to begin running well again.  During our honeymoon, we ran together most days.  It was hot, we weren’t acclimated to the weather but it was really enjoyable because I was running injury free. 

Since I won’t get to writing a post about running goals for a while, my major goal of the summer is actually participate in 5-10ks versus talking about running them and never signing up.  I think reworking my turnover and not focusing on 20 mile runs will be beneficial for my body.  Who knows where the later summer and fall will take me but I will approach that topic at another time.

My 5k PR of 18:35 from 2 years ago...something I have not been able to touch since...

My 5k PR of 18:35 from 2 years ago…something I have not been able to touch since…

Long story short, it was a great month for everything.  I’m excited to be back and begin “Real” real life.  Thank you everyone for their love and support.  It truly means a lot to both of us.

Random Thoughts

Random Thursday Thoughts:

It’s been a long time since I did a completely random thinking out loud post.  By long I mean probably a few weeks…to be honest I have a lot going on.  I go to work, I blog, I wedding plan and I come home.  There is not much room for a lot of extra stuff right now I guess.


It’s the first Thursday off I’ve had in a while…normally I have Tuesday and Wednesday off but this week I have Thursday and Friday!  I needed the day off I think this week is catching up to me.  Hopefully sleep will do me well the next couple of days!

Instead of doing wedding related things I’ve been buying honeymoon related things like dresses and bathing suits.  I’m not sure where I think this money tree is coming from…between ART (not covered by insurance), wedding and honeymoon costs…I better plant one quick.  So long dreams of buying a new car soon.

Some random products I’ve been enjoying lately:

The Roll8 rollar.  I bought this roller from work last week and have no regrets.  I don’t think its magically fixing my butt pain but it is massaging everything else.  It’s honestly the best foam roller type of device I’ve had.  The biggest setback is the 120 dollar price point but to me it’s worth it.  Hashtag Roll8>New Car


Protein powder:

I was lucky enough to receive some free samples of this protein powder.  I’ve been searching for a good protein powder for the last year.  For me I like try to incorporate extra protein when I’m working out and running more.  I’m not fancy with my protein powder but have often had a problem with certain powders making me bloated.  I’ve never fallen in love with a protein powder but this pure whey was good.  It wasn’t overly sweet or chalky.  I would buy it. Protein Powder

I just mix it in a cup of milk and blend with ice.

Random Thoughts:

I’ve  spent more this month on life than the last 3 months combined.  Some months are like that I guess.

Do I need (a 300 dollar) sack of potatoes dress?

sack of potatos dress

Wedding planning takes up all my free time right now.

I’m all over the place lately.  To be honest I need to write a post about where I see my blog going the next month or so…maybe I will get on that soon.

Questions for you:

Do you foam roll?  What do you use?

What is a random fun fact about your week? 

It’s Not You…It’s Me…

Something I’ve struggled with lately is having the time to hang out with friends.  I don’t feel as though I have the time right now to hang out with everyone I want too right now.  With work and wedding planning, I have struggled to keep afloat with my own mental sanity.  On my days off, I want to relax and catch up with wedding stuff.  Right now, I need to relax but also get more wedding stuff done.  I’m not stressed about it, I’m just in the process of trying to adjust to my current situation (thinking about it makes me realize that).

How sad right?

I felt the effects of exhaustion last week.  I woke up last Wednesday at 4am.  I had a serious migraine and was sick from 4 until going to work at 10.  I felt under the weather and exhausted.  I was extremely lucky that my boss allowed me to leave early and just sleep.  I slept from roughly 5pm-6am the next day.  When I woke up the next day, I realized I was still exhausted.  It took me the entire wedding weekend to actually catch up.

I guess this is adulthood. I don’t have children so kudos to all of you who balance training, working, etc.  Right now it isn’t that I want to ignore anyone or not hang out but I don’t have the time.  I’m currently trying to balance work, the final few wedding weeks and maintaining my relationship to the man I’m going to marry.  I miss the days that I was able to drive to North or Central Jersey and meet friends.

It’s honestly been a very hard realization and adjustment to make.  It’s hard for me to say no to someone wanting to go on a diner date, hang out, or grab food but right now I know it’s the best move for me.

I know this is one of the biggest moments of my life.  I’m sure it gets old because I’ve been talking about my wedding for a year but I don’t want to be stressed.  In order for that to happen I need to stay calm and make sure I put myself first sometimes and keep my own sanity.  I can’t show up to work or life both physically and mentally exhausted. 

This is an all to common situation for me.  I often find myself taking too much on my life plate.  I keep piling things on until nothing else fits.  Finally something gives and I am forced to take a step back.  It’s happened with work and previous jobs, with overbooking myself and with school and classes.

I’ve always been open and honest with my readers and I find that to be important.  Right now I’ve felt overwhelmed by everything.  I cannot wait to get married and I’m truly excited for it but the planning has been a lot more than I anticipated.

I’ll still be around in the blogging world but I do have a lot going on. As much as I want to meet with friends and readers to hang out, I know I have so much going on right now.  I truly appreciate everyone’s love and support.  No one likes to feel overwhelmed but I know it will all be worth it in the end.

engagement photo 3

Questions for you:

Do you often pile too much on your life plate?

Do you consider yourself stressed easily? 

Five For Friday

Wow this has been a long week.  I’m exhausted from the marathon, travel, weather and life.  I don’t think I would have the energy to work out much if I wanted too.  I am hoping to get exponentially better next week.

To give a quick update on my hip and hamstring, it’s not feeling any better.  As I have said, “yes I gutted out a marathon and finished but no it probably wasn’t the smartest thing”.   I’m confident it’s a muscle issue with my hips, hamstring and possible butt too.

Moving on, instead of posting articles on Friday I am going to post articles make an alliteration and name it: Five for Friday post.  Maybe it will get me 1000 followers and trend or something…maybe not.

Five Things that Brought the LOLZ this week:

  1. Bloggers shilling kitty litter (#littershilling)
  2. This so relevant meme to Marchmarch weather meme
  3. This series of photos getting onto the podium last weekend:climbing the podium Climbing the podiumIMG_1523 IMG_1525 Phoenix marathon
  4. Reminds me of when I used to live in Upstate NY (I don’t miss it)syracuse meme
  5. Cat Treadmills cat treadmills

Five Items I bought this week:

  1. Deep Tissue Massage
  2. Saucony Triumphs Running Shoes-Once I can run again, I cannot wait to test these guys out.
  3. Gas (at Wawa)
  4. Groceries
  5. Race photos- I was once called out for not buying race photos and using them on my blog. It made me think about race photographers are payed to take photos. Stealing them and using them on my blog is not only a bad idea (duh, you will get caught) but it’s also rude.  Bloggers complain when a company wants them to review a product for free….Using race photos without paying for them is the same way (a lesson I’ve come to learn).

Five Articles I enjoyed this week:

  1. Why we should be saying “Like a Woman” versus “like a Girl” (Written by personal friend Liz, I love this article…so much truth!)
  2. Mary Cain: Growing Up Fast (Really interesting article and Cain and her progression).
  3. One Twin Exercises and the Other Does Not
  4. How Much Caffeine Should you be drinking race day?  (Funny enough, people always associate me with having more caffeine than I actually do.  A lot of my caffeine consumption is decaf!)
  5. How Alysia Montano won a national Title Six Months After Giving Birth (This has been pretty popular on the internet this week but never the less a great read)

Anyways I’m off to work.

Questions for you:

Are there are any articles/blog posts you really enjoyed this week?

What are your weekend plans? 

Flights From Hell

Many people asked about my travel experience last week to Phoenix.  Since I’m back home and in a better mood about it, I thought I would share.   We flew US Airways.

We got to the Philadelphia airport perfectly.  There were no delays, the weather was good and I had decent coffee.  I felt confident we would get to the Phoenix on time.

When does anything ho according to plan though?

Our flight was delayed in Philadelphia because the pilot wanted to get rid of fuel.  After waiting on the runway for an hour, the vehicle that was supposed to remove our fuel never came…so we left.  We waited an hour for nothing.

Once we arrived to Atlanta, and we saw our connecting flight leaving.  Our first flight pulled into gate D21 and we looked over at Gate D23 as our next flight pulled away.

Tim, myself and 4 other passengers missed our connection by about 5 minutes.  The Atlanta airport staff printed us a piece of computer paper to get on the flight two gates down to Charlotte.  We were told we would go to Charlotte and connect to Phoenix that way. I boarded the flight with no boarding pass and just sat down in an empty seat. I felt like a plane ride bandit!

We got to Charlotte and they finally printed us another boarding passes to Phoenix.  This travel left me no time to fuel accordingly for a marathon.   We got into Phoenix around 3 am Eastern Time and had been traveling for 14 hours.  Our travel time was supposed to be 7 hours but was 14. 

After all of the change in flight connections my bag had actually made to Phoenix too.  One look at my bag and I wish it had not made it.

The bag look like it had been thrown from a 2 story building or a plane had run over it.  The exterior of the bag was ruined as well as multiple items (including exploding gels, two tattered tops and brand new leggings from lululemon).  It left me needing to find a bunch of new things the day before my second marathon. It ended up being about 250 dollars’ worth of damage including the ruined bag as well as a couple articles of clothing.  The photo doesn’t do the damage justice, the bag which was new was torn apart.

suit case

Do I think the delayed flights, longer traveling and being awake so long affected my marathon?  Of course I do.  I have mentioned several times I’m a high maintenance sleeper.  I don’t do well on little sleep and I don’t thrive on being awake for lengthy periods of time.  Four days after the entire experience, I’m still finding myself catching up on sleep.

Edit to add: I sent an email March 3 to US Air/American and have not received a response.

Question for you:  What is your worst travel experience?  

Articles: Feb 6

Is it just me or did this week fly by?  I guess it is because I spent the first half of the week in Rochester.  The second half of the week was spent catching up on sleep and assimilating back into real life (which is something that never really happened).

I spent some time reading articles in the airport and on the airplane.  I found a few that I found were pretty interesting.   Other then that getting back into the grind, there was nothing too exciting going on with me.

I recently discovered!  This isn’t sponsored but you can edit your photos from your computer.  It’s like the instagram for computers…now I can edit myself ten times and look glamorous every blog post!

snow bank 1


Tracking your budget without feeling overwhelmed For me, starting anything seems overwhelming but I always enjoy how easy Ashley makes it seem.

16 Ways to Pay it Forward 

This Girl Can (Response)  Loved this post from Jess.


Branding Your Blog 


8 Toxic Believes People Thought were real 

Food Fear (A personal post by Sarah talking in depth about overcoming her eating disorder.  Sarah is such a strong woman who I’ve had the honar to hang out with several times.  I couldn’t be more proud of everything she has overcome).



8 Running Injuries No one talks about 


Health Benefits of Beer As if this needed any caption…



Football Musings If you watched the Super Bowl with me…

Five Types of Runners And yes, I’m working on part 2 soon!

Question for you: What are some interesting articles you have read?  (Feel free to post links!)

Running Gear I Splurged On

Right now I enjoy running in whatever gear I want. I have no commitment, loyalties or contracts to wear a certain brand.  This is extremely nice because working at a running store, I  see a lot of different gear that comes in and out.  I get to see the newest arrivals and think about my running wardrobe decision before purchasing anything.  It’s impossible for brands to release perfect pieces of product every time so it’s nice to not be linked to one brand.  It is also hard for my paycheck since I see a lot of nice stuff come in that I want to buy (especially with this cold).  I’m always ten jackets ahead of people so I can never have enough layering.

A few weeks ago, I wrote wrote an article about how to save money while running in the winter. This week I wanted to write about products I splurged on and love.  

This post contains no affliliate links and all of these products I bought. 

 Oiselle flyte long sleeve (updated 2015 version): $66 with 30% off

This yellow top

This yellow top

I bought this while I was still on the Oiselle violee team, so I had a team discount. I like how fitted the top is. It fits well that it’s a fashionable top and it doesn’t chafe even I run. It’s not warm and doesn’t block wind well but it’s a great top for running in moderate temperatures or walking around.

New Balance NYCM jacket (similar jacket): $75
I bought this jacket at the NYCM. While I bought it because I was running the race, it has proved to be one of the best wind blocking jackets I own.


New Balance Chameleon Jacket 150 
I liked my NYCM jacket so much that I searched for something this year as well..  The chameleon jacket is one the warmest normal jackets I own.  The front has wind paneling so on windy days in the winter, you aren’t chilled to the bone.  I was on the fence with purchasing it but after I did realized I definitely made no mistake.  It’s warm and breathable.  Go New Balance.

new balance jacket

Nike Element Shield Legging: 90

If I’m paying 90 dollars for a pair of leggings, I want them to keep me warm.  These leggings are one of the warmest on the market.  They have a built in paneling for wind resistance.  This has been my best purchase of the season and the product I recommend to anyone.  I can wear these while running or when I want to keep warm.  They are the ultimate legging.

I tried to find a photo of me, but I can’t do the leggings justice because they look like a normal pair of black leggings.  Trust me, if you invest in them, you won’t regret it.

nike element shield

Together with my inexpensive running clothes and cotton shirts, this makes up most of my weekly winter wardrobe.  If it’s too cold for me, I end up going inside.

Question for you:

What are some pieces of winter apparel you have splurged on lately and loved (feel free to add a link!)?




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