Weekend Fun

How was your weekend? I didn’t do a whole heck of a lot this weekend but relax. I’ve started doing a massive cleanup of my house lately. One thing I do like about moving is that you don’t keep a lot of useless clutter.  If I haven’t worn a piece of clothing or used an […]

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Training: Track and Trails

This week begins a more interesting part of training. This week I began formal speed work! Monday: 10 miles easy Tuesday: 10 miles fast finish Wednesday: 12 400s average 87 Thursday: Rest Friday: 10 miles easy Saturday:  Run for the Hill of it Trail 5m (34:40) Sunday: 14 miles with my coworker  Total:  67 miles […]

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Life Updates

It is hard to believe we are through another week of the summer.  It’s strange to think how fast this summer is going.  A month ago, schools were getting out.  In another month, they’ll be starting again. This week was unique for me.  My work schedule is beginning to change and I enjoyed a lot of unscheduled […]

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Living for the Weekend

Or something like that? This weekend had other plans  but a few things popped up so I ended up staying at home.  I tried to make the best of the sitatution and ultimately had a good time. My friend Kevin was in town for an important conference so I got to give him a bit […]

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The Year of the Quarter Life Crisis

July 12 is my birthday.  If my math is correct then today I turn 25.  It’s my quarter life crisis year.  I also have to move to the sad and more competitive 25-29 age group for races. In order to prepare for my quarter life crisis I have done the following in the last few […]

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