Marathons and Me…Me and Marathons I guess there is no hiding what this post is about right? Right now I’ve run two marathons and neither of them have been enjoyable.  That is the blunt honest truth and yet I find myself pondering whether I should run a fall full marathon.  Right now I plan to […]

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The Chronicles of the Bum Butt

I’ve waited while to write a post about how my bum butt is doing.  I said that if my butt was not feeling better after my honeymoon I was going to get an X-ray and MRI.  In cliff notes version: my bum butt is not an issue right now. Anyways how did I get to this […]

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Marching to the Beat of My Own Drum

Is March already over? I always dread writing training month recaps when I’m injured or had a rough training month.  Who likes reading about the #bumbutt.  It’s important to be  honest and consistent so I keep writing recap posts.  Anyways…March taught me a lot. Since Phoenix marathon was February 28th, that obviously effected my entire […]

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Where am I running to?

I’ve been talking about my injury and marathon recovery for the last four weeks…I guess I should I consolidate my thoughts and figure out what I’m doing with my running.  I don’t know where I want to take my running in the next month or even the rest of 2015. It’s not a secret I’m getting married […]

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A Pain in the Butt Week 3

I’ve always said muscle injuries were frustrating.  You know with broken bones you must wait a few months and they heal.  Muscles could take days, weeks, months or years to heal…you can still run through them but it doesn’t feel like rainbow and butterflies. That’s where I’m at right now. The evolution of the butt pain […]

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It's funny what a year can make.  One year ago I ran my first half marathon post stress fracture (1:44). Within the last year I ran a marathon and got married.  I realized marathons weren't for me and I don't need to run them to be happy.  Yesterday I ran a 1:25 half at Philadelphia.  While I'm disappointed with the race I finished healthy and injury free.  I know I'm within sights of PRing in my shorter distances and keeping consistent is key.  Thank you to all of my friends near and far who have supported me.

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