Rejected Wedding Ideas

It’s hard to believe our wedding is only in a few days. In all honesty it seems like just yesterday I announced I was engaged. That is a post for another day. I was thinking about some various ideas that I had thrown around for the wedding. Sadly all of these ideas were rejected…

Each of my vendors have done a great job and I couldn’t do it without them.

To be honest I haven’t been that stressed.  I know each vendor is professional and will do what they need too.  My mom has helped with a lot as well as my bridesmaids and T’s mom.  I also know people aren’t going to notice or be upset if there is a minor problem at the wedding….so what is the point of being stressed about it all?

bridezilla 1

Here are some wedding ideas LOLZ had but my ideas were all rejected….I guess there is still time though.

Walking down the aisle in runderwear. Those are power pants but were also deemed unacceptable for a wedding.

Having our first dance song be a Nicki Minaj or any other college Rager song.

Instead of having a built in dance floor, have bar tables to dance on.

Have the table clothes giant photos of T and I’s face.

When dadLOLZ walks me down the aisle, have Siri navigate us in the straight path (we wouldn’t want to get lost).  Or even wait at the front of the aisle while our Garmins synched.

Getting married in a local New Jersey diner. I brought this up multiple times but for some reason it was denied every time. It would be cheap, not stressful and the Chapel diner is right down the road.

Instead of throwing rice while we walked out…throwing money…obviously who wouldn’t want that?

The first dance to Nicki Minaj.

The second dance to Nicki Minaj.

Any dance to Nicki Minaj.

I guess you can’t win them all…

Question for you: What other last minute wedding ideas should I try and include?


Friday Five: Unlucky Pi

This week has two functional events:

Friday the 13th and tomorrow is Pi Day

Today is Friday the 13th!  Again!  I graduated high school on Friday the 13th and I was about 10 minutes from being born on Friday the 13th…dad always tells me that my punishment for getting out too quick (and being born Thursday the 12th) is that I’m still unlucky.

friday the 13th meme 1

Here are Five Relevant and Interesting Articles for Friday the 13th:

  1. 13 Facts about Friday the 13th (November is the next month we have one!)
  2. Why is Friday the 13th so unlucky? 
  3. Two Straight Months with Friday the 13th 
    • Random but what did you do on February 13th?  I remember that I was nearly late to work because my car slid on ice.  I guess that isn’t something to be remembered….no harm done.
  4. 13 (More) Facts About Friday the 13th (It’s unclear why it’s feared…yet it is.  I needed an article to tell me that one).
  5. Here is a photo from my high school graduation on Friday June 13th.

    I'm the one who looks like I'm 10 feet reality I'm 5'8

    I’m the one in the back row who looks like I’m 10 feet tall…in reality I’m 5’8

Anyways, moving on.  Friday the 13th is unlucky (so stay safe)… 

But…Tomorrow is one of my favorite March Holidays…

Pi day!

Also because it’s 2015…at 9:26 am…it’s some magical time since all the numbers line up.  Many, many moons ago I was a math major in college…so math has a special day in my heart.  I took a lot of math courses in college (I was a math major for a while and decided to go into public health.  Long story short, math and pi day always has a special day in my heart!)

The funny this is, however, I don’t like pie.  (Hashtag #Cake4Life).   I do like Pi though! 

Here are Five Relevant Articles to Pie Day:

Here are some interesting Pi day facts to get your knowledge on:

pi day 2

  1. The Pi website 
  2. Facts and LOLZ: “What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o’-lantern by its diameter? Pumpkin pi!”
  3. Everything and Anything Pi 
  4. Wiki How: To Celebrate Pi Day (this is hilarious)
  5. And because we know I love my memes: pi day meme 2


Since my blog generally has nothing to do with pie (but something to do with being unlucky) here are some updates from my personal life.

  1. Wedding planning has got me swamped. We have less than a month to go and it terrifies, overwhelms me and excites me.
  2. My butt is a pain in the butt. I have a post coming out on Sunday about my leg, hip and butt.  We have isolated the problem (somewhat) but there is a lot going on in my left leg.
  3. Make you work, make you work. I am working a lot.  I am busy, with my job…blogging is not my job.  I love you guys but I also love my job.  It’s like a 10 hour black hole of minimum internets.
  4. My facebook page only needs 17 more likes to get to 800. I’m not sure what 800 does for me, but please help me out!
  5. I’ve begun to Spring clean a bit when I have the time.  I have a lot of unused running gear, cool things and whatever else.  Some stuff I bought before trying it on and it doesn’t fit, etc.  I’ve debated doing a massive give away on the blog to people that will use it…or I’ll donate it to Goodwill.

Questions for you:

How will you celebrate Pi day?

What are your plans this weekend? 


Five For Friday

Wow this has been a long week.  I’m exhausted from the marathon, travel, weather and life.  I don’t think I would have the energy to work out much if I wanted too.  I am hoping to get exponentially better next week.

To give a quick update on my hip and hamstring, it’s not feeling any better.  As I have said, “yes I gutted out a marathon and finished but no it probably wasn’t the smartest thing”.   I’m confident it’s a muscle issue with my hips, hamstring and possible butt too.

Moving on, instead of posting articles on Friday I am going to post articles make an alliteration and name it: Five for Friday post.  Maybe it will get me 1000 followers and trend or something…maybe not.

Five Things that Brought the LOLZ this week:

  1. Bloggers shilling kitty litter (#littershilling)
  2. This so relevant meme to Marchmarch weather meme
  3. This series of photos getting onto the podium last weekend:climbing the podium Climbing the podiumIMG_1523 IMG_1525 Phoenix marathon
  4. Reminds me of when I used to live in Upstate NY (I don’t miss it)syracuse meme
  5. Cat Treadmills cat treadmills

Five Items I bought this week:

  1. Deep Tissue Massage
  2. Saucony Triumphs Running Shoes-Once I can run again, I cannot wait to test these guys out.
  3. Gas (at Wawa)
  4. Groceries
  5. Race photos- I was once called out for not buying race photos and using them on my blog. It made me think about race photographers are payed to take photos. Stealing them and using them on my blog is not only a bad idea (duh, you will get caught) but it’s also rude.  Bloggers complain when a company wants them to review a product for free….Using race photos without paying for them is the same way (a lesson I’ve come to learn).

Five Articles I enjoyed this week:

  1. Why we should be saying “Like a Woman” versus “like a Girl” (Written by personal friend Liz, I love this article…so much truth!)
  2. Mary Cain: Growing Up Fast (Really interesting article and Cain and her progression).
  3. One Twin Exercises and the Other Does Not
  4. How Much Caffeine Should you be drinking race day?  (Funny enough, people always associate me with having more caffeine than I actually do.  A lot of my caffeine consumption is decaf!)
  5. How Alysia Montano won a national Title Six Months After Giving Birth (This has been pretty popular on the internet this week but never the less a great read)

Anyways I’m off to work.

Questions for you:

Are there are any articles/blog posts you really enjoyed this week?

What are your weekend plans? 

Flights From Hell

Many people asked about my travel experience last week to Phoenix.  Since I’m back home and in a better mood about it, I thought I would share.   We flew US Airways.

We got to the Philadelphia airport perfectly.  There were no delays, the weather was good and I had decent coffee.  I felt confident we would get to the Phoenix on time.

When does anything ho according to plan though?

Our flight was delayed in Philadelphia because the pilot wanted to get rid of fuel.  After waiting on the runway for an hour, the vehicle that was supposed to remove our fuel never came…so we left.  We waited an hour for nothing.

Once we arrived to Atlanta, and we saw our connecting flight leaving.  Our first flight pulled into gate D21 and we looked over at Gate D23 as our next flight pulled away.

Tim, myself and 4 other passengers missed our connection by about 5 minutes.  The Atlanta airport staff printed us a piece of computer paper to get on the flight two gates down to Charlotte.  We were told we would go to Charlotte and connect to Phoenix that way. I boarded the flight with no boarding pass and just sat down in an empty seat. I felt like a plane ride bandit!

We got to Charlotte and they finally printed us another boarding passes to Phoenix.  This travel left me no time to fuel accordingly for a marathon.   We got into Phoenix around 3 am Eastern Time and had been traveling for 14 hours.  Our travel time was supposed to be 7 hours but was 14. 

After all of the change in flight connections my bag had actually made to Phoenix too.  One look at my bag and I wish it had not made it.

The bag look like it had been thrown from a 2 story building or a plane had run over it.  The exterior of the bag was ruined as well as multiple items (including exploding gels, two tattered tops and brand new leggings from lululemon).  It left me needing to find a bunch of new things the day before my second marathon. It ended up being about 250 dollars’ worth of damage including the ruined bag as well as a couple articles of clothing.  The photo doesn’t do the damage justice, the bag which was new was torn apart.

suit case

Do I think the delayed flights, longer traveling and being awake so long affected my marathon?  Of course I do.  I have mentioned several times I’m a high maintenance sleeper.  I don’t do well on little sleep and I don’t thrive on being awake for lengthy periods of time.  Four days after the entire experience, I’m still finding myself catching up on sleep.

Edit to add: I sent an email March 3 to US Air/American and have not received a response.

Question for you:  What is your worst travel experience?  

Fun Reads: February 20

I can’t believe it’s actually Friday.  This week has flown by.   This time next week I will be enjoying myself in the warmth of Phoenix, Arizona and honestly I can’t wait.  I haven’t had a lot going on this week (never a bad thing).   This last month has honestly taken a real toll on me.  I’m cold, miserable and just want to stay inside.  Each year I don’t think it’s possible to dislike winter anymore and each year it proves me wrong.

On the cold note, does anyone else feel like February really brought the winter?  January was a cold month but it feels as if February has just been brutal.  To my knowledge, a negative degree windchills is not normal for this area of NJ/Philly.  It doesn’t make me miss Upstate, NY and I feel for my friends in Canada.  Hopefully March brings warmer weather.  As you can tell, going to college in the arctic tundra of New York state makes me not miss that climate. 

How I ran outdoors yesterday:

Incase you wondered my layering system: 

Bottom: Tights and sweats

Top: Tank, knit sweater, Gore wind resistant jacket, puffer vest, arm warmers and mittens

Head: ear warmers and Burton hat (Burton hats are actually made for skiiing)

running outdoors layering me

Here are some articles I have been enjoying without leaving my house. 


Inflammation (A great and information post about inflammation and if runners are relying too much on NSAIDS)

8 Health benefits of Coffee

Metal Health:

12 Ways to Avoid Burnout (I think this can be applied to any different topics and activities.  There is a lot of great advice here).

Thoughts About Male Body Image


Forget Barefoot, new Trend for Minimalist shoes I love my max cushioned shoes so I can completely relate to this.

Stop Comparing your Running 

Blogging: The State of Blogging Great post on how blogging has changed in the last few years.  It really makes you think.


10 Signs You are a Retired Swimmer (Yes on all accounts…I don’t miss swimming at all right now)

15 Most Expensive Places to Live in the US (I was lucky enough to run through a few neighborhoods in the number 1 spot and holy moly.  I will say I had assumed NYC and San Francisco would be in the top 5!)

From LOLZ:

Runners You Might See Part 1, Part 2


Dealing with Deployment

Best Races to Run in NJ

Some Fun Winter Races

That is all I have this week, enjoy your weekend.

Questions for you:

What are your plans this weekend?

What articles are you enjoying this week? 

Preparing for Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!

Are you ready or are you like me that you are running around like a goober trying to figure out what to do? (Just kidding T because I know you read here and I’m working ;).  All kidding aside, Valentine’s Day is one of the most (unnecessarily) stressful holidays of the year.

Whether I have been single or not, I have always enjoyed Valentine’s Day.  I don’t really care that it’s a “Hallmark Holiday” or that it’s overly obsessed.  I enjoy themes and a reason to be festive.  I’m not saying to spend a fortune but I do enjoy the day.  I enjoy St. Patrick’s day and Fourth of July just as much.

Last year Tim and I went and ran the Virginia is for Lovers 14k.  It was a lot of fun and as much as I would love to run the race again, J&A isn’t doing it.  I hope one day it makes a return but I know races in that area are a pain.

Stephanie, Mollie and I at the race start.

Stephanie, Mollie and I last year at the race start.

Instead of posting a few articles about what to cook (because I’m a terrible cook), I decided I would post some hilarious Valentine’s Day eCards as well as interesting articles.  One of the most important aspects of Valentine’s Day is having the best card.  Flowers, chocolate and candy are all secondary.  Feel free to print them out and send them to your favorite Valentine (which is me of course!).

valetines day meme

valentines day meme

valentines day meme 3

valentines day meme 1


Funny Articles:

Will You be Disappointed on Valentines Day?

Hilarious Valentine’s Day Stories (If this doesn’t fill your LOLZ tank, I don’t know what will)

The Onion: Valentine’s Day Stories

Questions for you:

Do you have any epic Valentine’s Day Stories?

What are your plans tomorrow? 

Runners You Might See Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about “Five different types of Runners“.   After posting and comments from readers, I realized there are far more different types of runners and people that were left out.  I won’t guarantee this will become a series on LOLZ blog but I will post observations.

Runners you might see

Last year I also posted: People at the Gym  and As seen in My Gym Part 2

1. Strict schedule Samantha
This runner does not get away from their training schedule at all. If the training plan calls for 10.0076 miles, they follow run 10.0076 miles.

No less and no more

While they are consistently getting better, running with them can be a pain since it’s their way or the highway. You can find them double checking their schedule, pace and garmin splits at any given moment.  It is not uncommon for them to bark “we need to run 1 second faster or 5 seconds slower per mile” on a training run.

2. Media Murderer Maurice
Within 2-3 minutes of finishing a run, Maurice has instagrammed, tweeted and posted whatever else about the run.  If you get lucky they might live tweet the run too! Sometimes you question if they are only running to post about it but hashtag inspirational, hashtag get it done, hashtag run4life. I think all bloggers have a bit of Maurice in them, myself included.

running blog meme

3. Toe the Line Tony
Tony knows every race in a 100 mile radius. Not only does he know every single race, he runs every single race. He can be found picking up various age group awards, medals and writing reviews for each race (is he a blogger?  Who knows…). When you are looking for a goal race (or any race) it’s always best to consult Tony first. He will be able to tell you if the price is worth it, the medal and after party are good and the race course statistics.

running meme 1

4. Overthinking Opera
Opera trains very well. Her training is consistent, she always hits the paces on the schedule and does everything to further her running career. However, when it comes to race time she flops almost every single race. It isn’t because she is poorly trained or because she has a nutrition meltdown, it’s because she over thinks the race. You’ve attempted to pump Opera up and give her confidence in racing…but it doesn’t happen.

5. Group Run Germas
These runners never run alone. In fact, you have never seen them outside of their group runs. Yet on certain times and days of the week about ten people will take up the entire sidewalk or worse, the road. Group runs are fun but taking up an entire road or side walk is not.

Question for you:
Who would you classify yourself as?
For me, I think I’m a mixture of Maurice and Tony. As a blogger, I do overshare my training and I do enjoy doing as many races as my schedule allows!


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