Necessary for a New Car for LOLZ

This post can also be nicknamed as LOLZProblems… As some followers know, I haven’t had the best luck with vehicles.  I’ve never been in a serious accident (knock on wood), have I’ve had my fair share of speeding tickets (and learned driving fast gets you nowhere). I’ve also had a couple of fender benders (including my car […]

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Rejected Wedding Ideas

It’s hard to believe our wedding is only in a few days. In all honesty it seems like just yesterday I announced I was engaged. That is a post for another day. I was thinking about some various ideas that I had thrown around for the wedding. Sadly all of these ideas were rejected… Each […]

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Friday Five: Unlucky Pi

This week has two functional events: Friday the 13th and tomorrow is Pi Day Today is Friday the 13th!  Again!  I graduated high school on Friday the 13th and I was about 10 minutes from being born on Friday the 13th…dad always tells me that my punishment for getting out too quick (and being born Thursday […]

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Five For Friday

Wow this has been a long week.  I’m exhausted from the marathon, travel, weather and life.  I don’t think I would have the energy to work out much if I wanted too.  I am hoping to get exponentially better next week. To give a quick update on my hip and hamstring, it’s not feeling any better.  […]

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Flights From Hell

Many people asked about my travel experience last week to Phoenix.  Since I’m back home and in a better mood about it, I thought I would share.   We flew US Airways. We got to the Philadelphia airport perfectly.  There were no delays, the weather was good and I had decent coffee.  I felt confident we […]

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