Summer Running

Running is a funny sport because when you think about it, there is no “perfect” time to run. We are always complaining no matter what season it is! Even though we whine and complain, nothing can take away from the success and feeling of a great race or PR. In the winter we complain about […]

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Necessary for a New Car for LOLZ

This post can also be nicknamed as LOLZProblems… As some followers know, I haven’t had the best luck with vehicles.  I’ve never been in a serious accident (knock on wood), have I’ve had my fair share of speeding tickets (and learned driving fast gets you nowhere). I’ve also had a couple of fender benders (including my car […]

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Rejected Wedding Ideas

It’s hard to believe our wedding is only in a few days. In all honesty it seems like just yesterday I announced I was engaged. That is a post for another day. I was thinking about some various ideas that I had thrown around for the wedding. Sadly all of these ideas were rejected… Each […]

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Friday Five: Unlucky Pi

This week has two functional events: Friday the 13th and tomorrow is Pi Day Today is Friday the 13th!  Again!  I graduated high school on Friday the 13th and I was about 10 minutes from being born on Friday the 13th…dad always tells me that my punishment for getting out too quick (and being born Thursday […]

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Five For Friday

Wow this has been a long week.  I’m exhausted from the marathon, travel, weather and life.  I don’t think I would have the energy to work out much if I wanted too.  I am hoping to get exponentially better next week. To give a quick update on my hip and hamstring, it’s not feeling any better.  […]

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