National Coffee Day

There are only a few foodie holidays I like to celebrate or even point out.  Every day is a different food day if you google it. But seriously: Here is a list of “National Foodie Days” incase you ever wondered. Anyways National Coffee Day is a “Holiday” I will celebrate proudly.  Most people know I […]

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When Two Runners Live in One House…

My husband I met through running. We were on neighboring college cross country teams and one day we ran into each other in my tiny college town, Our first few dates were runs. When we went out to eat for the first time, I knew things were real. Fast forward a few years and many […]

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Summer Running

Running is a funny sport because when you think about it, there is no “perfect” time to run. We are always complaining no matter what season it is! Even though we whine and complain, nothing can take away from the success and feeling of a great race or PR. In the winter we complain about […]

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Necessary for a New Car for LOLZ

This post can also be nicknamed as LOLZProblems… As some followers know, I haven’t had the best luck with vehicles.  I’ve never been in a serious accident (knock on wood), have I’ve had my fair share of speeding tickets (and learned driving fast gets you nowhere). I’ve also had a couple of fender benders (including my car […]

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Rejected Wedding Ideas

It’s hard to believe our wedding is only in a few days. In all honesty it seems like just yesterday I announced I was engaged. That is a post for another day. I was thinking about some various ideas that I had thrown around for the wedding. Sadly all of these ideas were rejected… Each […]

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Laying on my floor and stretching never felt so good.  Just finished my longest run in 3 months (15 miles) and a 71 mile training week.

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