St Patrick’s Day and Guinness…

I had no idea what to post about on St. Patricks Day. Yesterday I posted about how I began my running journey on this holiday. I was actually inspired because while I’m not Irish, my two favorite drinks are Irish Coffee and Guinness.  If I’m having alcohol, it’s a 90% chance it’s either of those. While […]

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My Start to Running.

Tomorrow is St. Patricks Day! Since 2010 St. Patricks day has held a much more sentimental reason to me than drinking beer, wearing green and pots of gold.  Although if you would like to send me a pot of gold that is fine too!  Five years ago I ran a 5k in college that would […]

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Preparing for Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Are you ready or are you like me that you are running around like a goober trying to figure out what to do? (Just kidding T because I know you read here and I’m working ;).  All kidding aside, Valentine’s Day is one of the most (unnecessarily) stressful holidays of the year. […]

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Beat the Ball 5k (19:50)

Instead of going out for New Years Eve, dad and I ran a local road race. We ran this race twice before (2011 and 2012).  It is always fun to finish the year off with a festive race.  Plus one of my friends Marie, was doing the race and I wanted to see her (ultimate peer pressure). […]

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Gifts in Reserve

Christmas Eve: The last day before Christmas.  A time to celebrate with your family. A time to get last minute gifts (oh wait, just me?) Today I’m working and then driving home.  I am actually 100% done with my Christmas shopping.  I managed to get all of my gifts for friends and family.  It was […]

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