Panther Prowl 5k (19:04)

This past weekend I ran the Panther Prowl 5k. I started the day on a rough note. I didn’t sleep well; I woke up looking a mess, and I couldn’t find any race shirts/singlets to wear. I have come to realize that my best races come when I am least prepared and don’t sign up […]

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Training: 16X400s and 5ks…

To be honest, this week my training clicked. I recovered well from the Festival of Races and enjoyed the cooler weather this week.  I don’t want to jinx myself, though! Monday: Easy run Tuesday: Easy run with Austin.  He’s the Saucony rep for the Philly/NJ region, so I work with him frequently.  I was lucky […]

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Adding Track Workouts

I’ve been doing a lot of workouts lately.  While Thinking out loud, track workouts is something fairly new to me, and it is taking my body time to adjust too.  Doing speed workouts is something I’ve neglected for a while, so I am excited to reap the benefits. My History: Three years ago my weekly training […]

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Rotary 5k (20:12)

After my fall the week before I decided to run a local 5k in Runnemede, NJ. I had actually been signed up for the Ocean City half marathon on Sunday but with Pope traffic and not wanting to run a half marathon…I decided not to go to the half. The evening before the race I had […]

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Fall into Training

I guess it’s officially Fall. The season has officially changed and the temperature has become cooler.  It would make sense to have a goal race lined up by now.  The truth is I don’t have a single goal race lined up. I have been thinking a lot about training and have realized I have several races […]

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Well this is awkward...I literally have no more space to put 2015 race bibs on my bulletin board. 
I guess there is no more racing until 2016...

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