Medford Colony 5k (18:48)

On Thanksgiving, my husband I headed to the Medford Colony 5k.  We haven’t raced in Medford for a while, but it was the closest 5k to us.  We had to get back to cook our turkey. After signing up, they informed us they ran out of t-shirts. Even some preregistered participants did not receive shirts. […]

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Training: From Highs to Lows to Turkeys…

In summary, this week went from a low to a high and back down to a low. I woke up on Monday extremely sore. I decided it was better if I took the day off instead. I also got a deep tissue massage. Tuesday was just an easy run. I still felt sore. Workout Wednesday: […]

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Turkey Trot 5k (19:23)

The question of the month is how many Turkey Trots can I do in November?  With the amount of racing I’ve been doing…I’m not sure. Each month, the base holds a race. I’m not normally able to attend due to work but last Wednesday I was already on the base. It made sense just to […]

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KISS 5k (19:00)

On Sunday, my husband I went down to Delaware to race.  I haven’t run in Delaware since August.  To be honest, I enjoy running there, and I missed it. It’s about 30 minutes from my house, so I don’t mind the drive down there. I like running along the river and downtown area as well. […]

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Memorial 5k (19:30)

Last week I ran a memorial 5k. The 5k was in memory for a man who was killed overseas while fighting in the war.  Both my husband and I wanted to do the race because it was a topic that hit close to home.  It was awesome because there were so many service members running […]

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Laying on my floor and stretching never felt so good.  Just finished my longest run in 3 months (15 miles) and a 71 mile training week.

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