Saucony Zealot Review

The Saucony Zealot is an unusual shoe for me to choose to run in.  As most people know, my shoe preference is maximum cushion.  I like to train in a maximum cushioned shoe to keep me healthy and injury free. High cushioned shoes I have recently reviewed are: The Saucony Triumph (Review) The Asics Nimbus (Review) The […]

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Training: Consistency and Bad Races

Consistency is key. Rome was not built in a day. Those are two quotes that have gotten me through the last week of training when things such as bad races got mentally tough. My training this week was good. I can’t say Belmar was the race I was hoping for but I have a longer […]

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Training: Mile Repeats and Hilly 5ks

Training wise last week was relatively boring. Boring is good because it means I’m healthy and injury free.  While I haven’t been PRing this summer I have stayed healthy and that is half the battle! It was also my highest mileage week in a while. I also felt pretty good. I’ve been focusing a lot […]

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Five Things I’ve Learned From Running

I’ve always wanted to link with Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC.  Each Friday, she has a “Friday Five” themed post but I always forget them until Friday morning. This week I actually remembered earlier in the week.  Each week she does a weekly theme. The theme this week is:   Five Running Tips: Running has taught […]

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HJMC 5k (20:13)

Last Saturday my husband and I decided to race in Wilmington, Delaware. I had been unsure whether I wanted to race because the week before had been chaotic. Despite taking a step back in running mileage, I spent most of last week on my feet.  I probably logged the same amount of movement miles anyways HA! […]

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Just grilled up sablefish and scallops.  I am lucky to try @sizzlefishfit and everything has been amazing! 
Their food is delicious and their customer service is just as awesome!

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