Diamond Diner Review

Another diner only about 20 minutes from me is the Diamond Diner.  Located in Hainesport, you can’t miss the giant diamond on top.  I’ve only been once and I’ll probably only go once.  It’s not located off the highway and you have to take a famous NJ left hand turn to get there.  Pan Handle […]

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Eating on High Mileage

A lot of people question how I eat enough to withstand 100 mile weeks.  It couldn’t be possible to ever gain weight while running 100 mile weeks and you couldn’t possibly eat enough to withstand that activity…ect.  First and foremost, I only ran 100 mile week.  I didn’t run 52 but rather just 1.  That […]

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Real Life in New York

Last weekend I went to New York and Connecticut with my dad.  We were meeting with my brother Matt who attends the Merchant Marine Academy and an uncle.  My dad has two brothers and the other one was unable to attend due to a sudden medical issue with his wife.  We were all pretty bummed […]

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Date with Legends Part 1

I’ve had a lot of dates in the past week and I fully plan to give each person the awesome dedication they deserve.  Susan is the first.  Suzi is awesome and I was so excited to able to meet her down in Syracuse, NY at a local restaurant called The Clam Bar. First, Suzi is […]

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WIAW with the Parents

I never really intend for my blog to be have very many whiney posts but it is realistic updates  of what is going on in my life, whether it’s pancakes, running or life in general.  There haven’t been a lot of life in general posts because quite frankly I haven’t had a lot to report.  […]

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Another #workoutwednesday 
Today's track workout was 12x400s focusing on my personal weakness (the last mile of a 5k). My last 400 was my fastest (82 seconds). Ranged from 82-87 today.

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