Running When Injured is Stupid

Running when injured is stupid. The doctor told me yesterday at my first follow up appointment that I was healing appropriately.  In fact, X-rays also confirmed I had a small stress fracture and it was healing.  My stress fracture appeared on the X-ray!  The doctor had to squint a few times through his glasses but it […]

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August Training

I feel like the past 3 months I have written the month of training didn’t go as planned. This month was no exception. Another reason I’ve accepted I’m injured is because I haven’t had any solid months that I’m happy with.  You know what they say…if at first you don’t succeed…try again…or change…or just get injured […]

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The Easiest Training Week Ever

Last week I posted about having a possible stress fracture.  I was pretty postive due to the nature of the feeling and my doctor’s remarks that I had a stress fracture.   His remarks were: Although it hasn’t shown up on the X-ray, I’m confident you have a stress fracture so we will do more tests. […]

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Tidewater Striders 1 Mile (5:50)

How does one recap a mile?  It takes you longer to type a mile race recap then to type it.  I’ve done the mile a couple of times all down here.  While this was my slowest time (and slower than I’ve taken some 5-10ks out in), I raced a hard mile without my arch or […]

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Marathon Training: Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved

I normally begin writing my training posts on Monday.  Each day I fill in my workout and then glance over it the morning before.  It’s just easier for that way and I feel more motivated to actually talk about my training.  However, life got in the way this week and I never recorded anything.  Now […]

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