On Tuesday I posted about cross training using the AMT.  Something I struggle with (both in real life and internet life) is assuming people know exactly what I know.  For instance, I’ll cross train on the AMT and quite a few people asked what it was. Visual reference (me watching grimy realityTV with no nose): Cliff […]

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Base Building Week 2 (76 miles)

This became another week of quality training.  I haven’t gone 2 for 2 since the summer.  Monday: 11 outdoor, easy recovery   Tuesday: 12.3 outdoor easy recovery   Wednesday: 11.55 Treadmill Progressive (8:14 pace overall) Nike Training club Abs Thursday: OFF NTC Abs+Arms Friday: 12.4 miles (8:34 pace) with Tim NTC abs Saturday: 16.5 miles […]

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Base Building Week 2 (60ish miles)

This could be the first time in a while that I chose to take two days off of running this week instead of one.  I don’t regret that decision because I had a pretty solid week. Monday: 12.2 outdoors (8:13 overall pace) P90x Ab ripper Tuesday: OFF Wednesday: 11.55 Treadmill (8:23 overall pace) Nike Training […]

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Why Rest? Why Cross Train?

After last week of being sick I began to ask myself, when do I take a rest day.  Will I take a rest day if I’m very sick?  If I have a head cold?  If I’m sore?  If I’m achey?  If I have the flu?  If it’s raining or my garmin has died?  What qualifies […]

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Climbing the Mud Mountain Training Week (70 miles)

This week has been a good week training wise.  I am starting to feel more confident in my training but I know I have quite a long ways to go.  I feel like I’m honestly starting to climb up a big mountain that is layered with mud.  I want to get to the top (ie […]

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Ran my final Turkey trot of the year this morning.  It was the best of times and the worst of times...I ran my fastest mile of 5:54 and then promptly regressed to 6:07 and 6:24. 😜😜 I finished at 19:24.  I'm happy with it after a solid performance two days ago.

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