Sometimes we all forget to get our special someone (or ourselves) a nice Valentine gift or card.  Never fear, LOLZ has always got your back.  I hope you have a great day and print out a few to share with your friends…. Please vote to send me to Napa!  Thank you so much for your […]

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Typical LOLZ Problems…

Tuesdays are normally my race recap post but since I didn’t race last weekend I don’t have anything to recap.  I do however; have a long run adventure in Princeton to recap. Last week Meghan and Greta asked if I wanted to come do a long run with them in Princeton.  Princeton is only 45 […]

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Super Hero 4 Miler (25:32)

For me this race started the night before.  From a quick glance, I had assumed the race was being held in Moorestown, NJ.  I was excited because it was roughly 30 minutes away from my house and I had committed to go.  The night before I realized it was in “Morristown, NJ”.  Morristown is roughly […]

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Random Life

I haven’t posted a lot in my day to day life because I haven’t done a lot.  Look at me being exciting!  But it’s Friday and the weekend is almost finally here.  It could be the fact someone has had rooster hours and working at 6 am but I’ve been up earlier and this week […]

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Tis the Season to Detox

When Swanson contacted me and asked if I wanted to participate in the 21 day sugar free challenge in January I 100% agreed very quickly.  You see I barely ever get “blogging perks” and free things.  They were going to send me a book about the challenge as well as 100 dollars to use at […]

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Fresh snow didn't stop me from a workout this morning. 
February is all about consistency and quality workouts. 

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