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Red Lion Diner


I had heard nothing but good things about the Red Lion Diner in Medford, NJ.  It has been around for a while and is always right on my way to Atlantic City.  […]

Oreo Waffle

Whoop here it is.  As some of you know my brother is home.  Somehow I’m going to relate this waffle to my brother being home.  I don’t really know how that is […]


Okay don’t get your panties in a bunch.  After last week’s Guinness Pancakes those who did not like Guinness (weird) asked if there were any alternatives.  Did you ask that at college […]

Guinness Pancakes

But this photo looks nice

It’s no secret that my favorite beer is Guinness.  I’ve never denied it on my blog.  Since my favorite beers is Guinness, it would only make sense that one of my favorite […]


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