It’s All About the Network.

One of the easiest ways to grow your blog is to network.. And by networking, I mean spending more time on the internet.   By reading more blogs (1-2 hours). By commenting on more blogs (1 hour). By logging in more to Facebook, twitter, instagram, Pinterest, Google plus…(3+ hours) Oh and don’t forget neglect to actually blog! Do […]

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Westfield Diner

Last week I met Danielle and Christine at the Westfield Diner (careful if you click, a chorus of music will blast your computer).  Easy enough, the Westfield diner is located in Westfield, NJ.  I wanted to see both of them and since I had the day off, I made the trek up North.  I had the day […]

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Insert Sunshine Here

Where to even begin this post? I spent the weekend in Phoenix, Arizona.  After a horror story with travel (as of now we are not receiving anything), we made it on Friday morning at 3 am East Coast time. Here is a brief recap of everything outside of the race. We enjoyed the Scenic views that […]

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The Hard Truths of Blogging

The last 4.5 years of blogging have been enjoyable.  I’ve learned a lot about social media, blogging, running and of course myself.  I’ve started friendships with people across the country. Simply through blogging I’ve met incredible people and done incredible things. If that isn’t the most cliché and kissass introduction, I don’t know what is. Obviously […]

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A Confession of a Grocery Shopper

I have a confession to make…   I do the majority of my grocery shopping at Walmart, Target, Wegmans or our local super market Shoprite.   I don’t enjoy grocery shopping that much and I go in on a mission, get my food and leave.  I don’t spend hours scouring each individual aisle. I’m not a foodie. […]

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