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Weekly Roundup

I also throw my coffee beliefs on others...

Truthly, this last week was very busy for me.  I was packing to get ready for my internship and packing always stresses me out.  (I’m always worried I’ll forget something…normally I do) […]

WIAW On My Birthday


Some of you may know, my birthday was last Thursday (July 12th).  Though I never formally said, “my birthday is today” because I didn’t see the point…it was…it came and went and […]

Weekend Scenes

Anna and I

Scenes from real life.  As asked in my Q&A, I’ll post more real life blogs.  Because I exist outside of running, swimming and working out.  (Really I do…). Anyways because I never […]

Date Time!


Sometimes people email me and ask if I exist in real life because all I talk about is running or work.  Well sadly that is all my life consists of right now, […]


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