Community Heros 5k (20:15)

Last Thursday I ran the Community Heros 5k.  Races at night are trickier for me.  I believe this is because  my body decides it’s time to sleep between 9-10.  By 7pm, I’m in my PJs watching reruns of reality TV…not racing. Lucky for me I’ve signed up for a few evening races in the near future. […]

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The Veteran Haven 5k (20:30)

The Veterans Haven 5k was the last 5k in my May streak of 5ks. I did what I set out to do for the month (which was to run a lot of 5ks). While I can’t say any of them went exceptionally well, I did get out there.  To be honest, this one was probably the […]

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Historic Fairview 5k (19:47) 

My husband and I decided to sign up for this race on a whim.  When we looked online, we noticed that there were 13 race participants signed up!  The race ended up having about 50 people in it.  We thought it would still be a lot of fun so went anyways.  The race started at 9 am and […]

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Race to Neverland 5k (20:20)

On Sunday I ran the Race to Neverland 5k.  It was a small, local 5k in the area.  In South Jersey you can pretty much point to any road and say “there will probably be a 5k here in the next month”.   There are at least 2 each weekend within 20 miles of my house.  Needless […]

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Training Week 5: 62 Miles

It feels like this week came and left in the blink of an eye. Training wise, this was another strange week for me.  Weird training weeks seem to a common theme for my running lately but it’s better than injured weeks.  I raced, I traveled and I did a long run. Week 5 has been […]

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My first date in a few months.  I hope I know how to eat like a normal person and not like a cave woman.

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