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Random Thoughts at the Running Store

Many people have asked to post more about work.   I love my job and I enjoy helping other people reach their goals. Having the correct shoes is part of that goal. I enjoy my job because I’m around a sport I love, however, work does not revolve around me or my blog. In fact work […]

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August Training

It’s hard to believe another month is down.   August was about the same as July.  It was a great training month and I made it through the toughest month (for me) without getting injured.  Normally I either burn out or get injured in August…but for the last two Augusts I was also training for a marathon […]

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United Medical 5k (19:59)

Last weekend I went to Delaware to race another 5k. My plan was to take the race out slower, stay consistent and not positive split. I normally don’t have a “race plan” but last week I did! My last several races have ranged in pace with my first mile about a minute faster than my last […]

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Training: 400s and Consistent 5ks

Training this week was boring. It wasn’t exciting but I got everything I needed to do. Total mileage: 69 miles On Monday and Tuesday I ran easy. There wasn’t anything too exciting about either run. Workout Wednesday: I went back to 400s. The Belmar Chase 5k taught me I needed to work on my last mile […]

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How to Get the Most Shopping at a Running Specialty Store

I’ve learned so much since starting my job at a local running store about 18 months ago.  I love my job, I love helping those with similar interests and I also enjoy learning about the newest running specialty products. Many people are often intimidated to come into a running store.  There is a mindset that […]

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I'm lucky in his 48 hours home, Mr. LOLZ had time to go to the track with me. 
#workoutwednesday 4x1 miles (6:05, 6:11, 6:16, 6:14)

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