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Panther Prowl 5k (19:04)

This past weekend I ran the Panther Prowl 5k. I started the day on a rough note. I didn’t sleep well; I woke up looking a mess, and I couldn’t find any race shirts/singlets to wear. I have come to realize that my best races come when I am least prepared and don’t sign up […]

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Running Shoe Reviews Are (Mostly) Worthless

I toyed with the idea of several titles for this post including: Why you shouldn’t believe too much in running shoe reviews Take every shoe review with a grain of salt…  The internet lies to your feet… There’s a good and bad shoe for every foot…  There are plenty of shoes in the Running Shoe […]

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Training: 16X400s and 5ks…

To be honest, this week my training clicked. I recovered well from the Festival of Races and enjoyed the cooler weather this week.  I don’t want to jinx myself, though! Monday: Easy run Tuesday: Easy run with Austin.  He’s the Saucony rep for the Philly/NJ region, so I work with him frequently.  I was lucky […]

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Five People That Motivate Me

Five People Who Motivate Me I wasn’t sure how I wanted to write this post.  My friend at Eat Pray Run DC has a Friday weekly themed link-up.  I like reading each week because it’s a different theme and it’s always interesting!  I thought I would link up again since everyone has people that motivate […]

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Festival of Races 5k (19:13)

The Festival of Races in Syracuse, NY is a race I’ve always wanted to do.  I’ve been signed up for the race a couple of times, but I’ve been injured both times.  I’ve mentioned before, but I get injured in August and am forced to sit out August, September and October.  This year since I […]

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