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A Day in the Life…

Every few months I try and write a “What I ate Wednesday post”.  My food doesn’t change a lot. All of my dinners are simple and easy to prepare.  I would prefer to spend time doing other things versus cooking for hours.  I can guarantee that 90% of my dinners consist of meat, vegetables and […]

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So you want to start a blog?

Most of my friends in real life know I like to blog.  I don’t hide but I don’t promote it either.  I figured if people want to read it, they will.  This isn’t school and reading LOLZ blog isn’t an assignment. Many friends that don’t blog have asked me…should I start a blog about my life? […]

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Thursday Thoughts

This week has gone by so quickly. Does anyone else feel like when you have a lot to do, the week flies by? Every week we get a little bit further into summer. I feel like in the blink of an eye summer will be gone! Anyways this post is all over the place like […]

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Weekend Adventure

First, Happy Memorial Day. I hope people are enjoying the Holiday and remembering those who lost their lives. Even though I’m working today, the last few days have been extremely enjoyable. My brother came into town for the day on Thursday. Of course, New Jersey hasn’t seen much rain but it rained the day he […]

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Week 3: Most Boring Training Log Ever

Week 3 was almost a mirror image of week two.  I ran easy, consistent mileage.  With the exception of being chased by momma geese, nothing too interesting happened while running. I did manage to capture this pretty shot of Cooper River before the row competitions began. On the injury front, instead of falling and hurting myself, […]

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My first date in a few months.  I hope I know how to eat like a normal person and not like a cave woman.

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