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What is Success?


Last weekend Tim and I celebrated his grandpa’s 90th birthday. As I said yesterday, we had a great time relaxing and hanging out.  While wishing him a happy birthday and listening to […]

Vacation Life

Water front bowling

The last few days I was a MIA from the internet. On Wednesday evening, Tim and I drove down to my parents house. We spent Thursday taking engagement photos and then drove […]

Injury Updates

I’ve hit the point where it’s not cute or fun that I’m injured. I’m annoyed and I’ve pretty much made up my mind that racing a full marathon this fall is out […]

Ponzios Diner

Another diner, Ponzio’s, located in Cherry Hill has caught my eye several times. I never really want to drive 45 minutes to eat when I can find something really good within 15 […]


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