I was hoping to recap my weekend by saying I found a wedding venue and we are set with that.  Sadly that is not the case.  We toured a few venues and while we liked all of them, we didn’t love them.  When I come back down to VA in a couple of weeks I hope we will find a venue that we like.  We did find a wedding planner (person) that we like a lot and are completely excited to be working with her.

I had to take a couple of photos since we are barely ever in fancy clothing.


Anyways even though it’s Wednesday and I’m just now getting to recaping my weekend, it doesn’t mean it didn’t exist.

We went kitchen shopping and saw these little baby utensils. It made me laugh more then it should.  Riddle me this: why are the mini blogger utensils more expensive then the normal sized ones?  And also how does anyone eat with these?


Every time I visit VA, I have a list of things I want to do.  It always involves seeing one of my best friends Theresa.  I’m glad this was not different and we were able to catch up at JoJacks.   We got to catch up after the half marathon.  Even after I showered, I don’t think I could have looked more of a mess…so please excuse that.



That is basically the long story short of my weekend.  I had a great time existing in real life last weekend.  This week I’m working a lot more then usual so I’m a bit more MIA.

Questions for you:

What is one of your favorite restaurant meals?

When was the last time you dressed up?

Did you enter my Erin Condren Planner giveaway (you can share as many times and places you want and get unlimted entries…I’m so kind)