Expect a vlog tour of my new ups sometime in the next week.  I know-you are thrilled to hear me ramble away and probably see a minute of my house and then 10 minutes of meaningless chatter.  One day I’ll get friends and you guys won’t have to listen to my chatter.

Speaking of chatter: Here I am driving the last 30 minutes to school (no it’s not 30 minutes) after my parents stopped at the hotel.  Living in a town with 16,000 college kids and moving in and waiting to book a hotel…well it ends badly and them staying far away. 

Other notable things of moving in:

I tried a new protein powder.  Caramel toffee fudge and it’s good.  I love Optimum nutrition protein powder and have never been disappointed venturing to different flavours and trying them.  I highly recommend their protein and it cooks well in pancakes.  Yeah-the last time I had a protein shake.

I’ll get back to you.

I also tried Vanilla Almond Milk in attempts to get more calcium.  Here are my quick and brief thoughts about it.

I don’t mind it at all and it’s pretty good but it’s not creamy enough for coffee.  At all.  I will stick to my cream for coffee  and take the hit for high fat and no calcium, most certainly.  I won’t look back on it either.  I will probably end up just having cups of this during the day.  I am not replacing anything for Almond Milk, I just need to be getting more calcium to speed up stress fracture healage.  (I was recommended to get 1500 mgs).  I like Almond milk, but I don’t understand why it’s obsessed about so much.  Someone please enlighten me.

Finally:  I officially have a supplement box.  Bahaha.  Please feel free to judge me but it’s easier this way.  I have to take joint lubricant pills, calcium/vitamin D supplement and of course my multivitamins (you take 2).  My housemate Julie has been judging me all morning about that.

This is for five days mind you.

Well a certain candidate was evacuated from Long Island yesterday, so I’ll be spending some time with this fella and dropping him back off in Syracuse on Tuesday am.   I was so excited when he called and said we had to evacuate and I booked a train to come see ya. True life.


Question for you:

  1. 1.       There is a breadmaker in this house.  Give me an EASY and good recipe.  I want to try it.  It must be for the extreme simpleton. 
  2. 2.       Do you like driving? 
  3. 3.       Is this Hurricane taking an impact with you?

It would be if I was back in VA! We got snowstorms up hurr.